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  • Rich In Production

    15 Years Manufacturer Experience.
    A Technical Team of 30+ People.
    8 production lines
    OEM and ODM Accepted.

  • Rich In Export

    2000+ Cases in Various Industries.
    Container Spreader Are Sold To 30+ Countries
    Save Cost On The Package, Transportation, Shipments, Customs Clearance.

  • Extreme

    24h Drawing Provided
    48h Price Provided
    On-site Service
    Branch in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, etc

Container Spreader

KENAN container spreader is used for the loading, unloading, and handling of containers, and it can be matched with various types of lifting machinery such as shore cranes, tire cranes, rail cranes, overhead cranes, and gantry cranes. Our main product types include: 20ft fixed spreader, 40ft fixed spreader, 20ft/40ft telescopic spreader, 20ft/40ft/45ft telescopic spreader, 2-20ft telescopic twin-lift spreader, etc. Additional options include rotating spreaders, large trolley lateral movement spreaders, and small trolley lateral movement spreaders.

The lifting equipment produced in our manufacturer strictly adheres to international standards and requirements. The main structural materials are made of high-quality high-strength alloy steel, and production and testing are carried out strictly in accordance with design and technical requirements. The electrical components and advanced operating control systems selected for KENAN lifting equipment are well-known domestic and international brands, ensuring high quality, low failure rates, and reliable quality. Our products are widely used in container terminals, railway freight yards, and logistics companies.

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Projects Showcase

KENAN projects range from small to large-scale endeavors, encompassing both local and international initiatives. Our products find application in diverse industries worldwide, including ports, fisheries, vessels, railway freight yards, and intermodal transportation projects.
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our Advantage

  • Quality Assurance
    At Kenan, we ensure quality assurance by using high-strength steel plates to manufacture all critical components, and reputable brands for electromechanical accessories, All our items have CE/ISO certificates, guaranteeing reliable quality.
  • Precision Inspection Excellence
    Our rigorous inspection process spans 263 checks, from raw material arrival to final product delivery. This includes precision measurements, cleanliness assessments, physicochemical analyses, and material capability tests.
  • Custom Lifting Solutions
    We offer a comprehensive range of lifting solutions customized to meet the specific needs of our valued clients. Collaborating with partner facilities, we develop specialized components for lifters based on usage scenarios, ensuring all elements possess high reliability.
  • After-Sales Service
    On site installation
    On site maintenance guidelines
    Spare parts service

Special Value Service

  • Tech & Manufacture Suppprt

    • Consultation、Training、technical seminar;
    • Blueprint and Infomation Support;
    • Manufacture and Install Guidance;
  • Comprehensive Range for Diverse Lifting Needs

    KENAN container spreader includes ten major categories and nearly a hundred varieties, such as dual-container detachable spreaders, rotating spreaders, single-container spreaders, electric spreaders, fixed-length spreaders, and various mounting solutions like shelf mounting, hook beams, and high-container lifting frames.
  • Customized Solutions

    KENAN container spreader are compatible with a range of lifting machines, including mobile harbour crane, ship to shore crane, straddle carrier, quay cranes, tire cranes, rail cranes, overhead cranes, reach stacker, and gantry cranes, meeting diverse lifting needs across industries.
  • Adequate Accessories

    We are well equipped with spare parts that not only compress the production cycle and improve productivity, but also enable timely response in after-sales maintenance.

Industrial Solution

KENAN offers standard container lifting spreader and is committed to the design, development, and manufacturing of custom lifting solutions. We provide professional solutions for industries such as container terminals, railway freight yards, and logistics companies. Contact us for your container spreader or spreader container parts needs.



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