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  • 10+ Years Export Experience

    Providing customized solutions for below-the-hook lifting devices design, production, packaging and transport.

  • Rich In Production

    Supplying premium below-the-hook lifting devices to top steel mills. Trusted performance and reliability.

  • Extreme

    24h Drawing Provided
    48h Price Provided
    72h Standard Production Finished

Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

Kino Cranes, Inc. specializes in top-tier below-the-hook lifting devices, expertly designed to elevate your material handling needs. Our diverse range includes steel lifting magnets, crane grabs, C-hooks, coil lifters, coil tongs, vertical lifting equipment, spreader beams, and the reliable laminated hook. Customizable for unique applications, our durable, heavy-duty equipment maximizes crane payload with lower tare weights, ensuring efficiency. With proven expertise in mill-duty lifting equipment, trust us for reliable, safe, and high-quality material handling solutions. Elevate your lifting capabilities with Kino Cranes, Inc. and experience unmatched precision and performance.

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Projects Showcase

Witness the profound impact of our below-the-hook lifting devices solutions in our Projects Showcase. Our lifting devices revolutionize steel fabrication and intricate metalworking, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity. Elevate your lifting operations with Kino's cutting-edge solutions. Partner with us for success! Contact us now to learn more.
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our Advantage

  • Competitive Price
    We’re manufacturer, and directly sell, no trader’s profit.
  • Shorter Lead Time
    Standard production, sufficient parts, industrial combined, deliver on time.
  • Third Party Certification
    ISO certified, CE certified.
  • Longer Guarantee
    One year warranty, lifetime maintenance.

Special Value Service

  • Tech & Manufacture Suppprt

    • Consultation、Training、technical seminar;
    • Blueprint and Infomation Support;
    • First-class level Euro-type Cranes Solution, Blueprint and Process Specification Support;
    • Manufacture and Install Guidance;
  • Adaptation to Special Plant Environments

    We can meet the needs of factory environ-ments from -30 to 50 degrees Celsius, or for cranes with explosion-proof requirements.
  • Customized Voltage Supply

    We can customize the generator to meet the different voltage requirements around the world, whether the voltage in your country is 100V~130V or 220~240V. Alternatively, generators are available.
  • Adequate Accessories

    We are well equipped with spare parts that not only compress the production cycle and improve productivity, but also enable timely response in after-sales maintenance.

Industrial Solution

Discover our industrial solution for below-the-hook lifting devices. With cutting-edge technology, our devices offer seamless lifting for various industrial applications. Boost efficiency and safety with Kino's innovative solutions. Partner with us to elevate your lifting capabilities. Contact us to learn more.



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