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Hydraulic Container Spreader

  • APPLICATION: RMG Cranes, RTG Cranes, Marine Cranes
  • ISO CONTAINER SIZES: 20ft, 40ft, 45ft
  • TELESCOPIC SWITCHING: Between 20-foot and 40-foot Positions
  • Single-lift Spreader Option: Fixed Flipper, Movable Flipper, List Function&Movable Flipper, Equipped Sheave Assembly and Cable Basket
  • Twin-lift Spreader Option: Fixed Spreader with Movable Flipper, Separated Spreader with Fixed Flipper, Separated Spreader with Movable Flipper

Used in ports and container terminals for lifting and handling containers

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Hydraulic container spreaders, driven by hydraulic systems, facilitate efficient container handling for various lifting machines such as shore cranes, tire cranes, rail cranes, and gantry cranes. KENAN’s spreaders, incorporating imported hydraulic and electrical components, ensure responsive and reliable performance.

Categorized Specifications:

  1. Fixed Spreaders:
    • 20ft Fixed Spreader
    • 40ft Fixed Spreader
  2. Telescopic Spreaders:
    • 20ft/40ft Telescopic Spreader
    • 20ft/40ft/45ft Telescopic Spreader
    • 2-20ft Telescopic Twin Spreader
  3. Spreader Types:
    • Hydraulic Single-lift Container Spreader
    • Hydraulic Twin-lift Container Spreader

Technical Data

The following table provides technical specifications for the Hydraulic Dual-Container Detachable Spreader. This hydraulic spreader allows the simultaneous lifting of two standard 20-foot containers. The spreader’s rotation mechanism is driven by eight single-acting hydraulic cylinders installed at the corners and center. Four sets of movable guide devices are positioned at the corners to assist the driver in precisely aligning the containers. An infrared photocell sensor is installed on the spreader for electrical interlocking protection.

For further details on hydraulic spreader parameters, please refer to the attached PDF, available for download.

Model HMT2-20ft\45ft_HF4
Self Weight 13.5 ton
Applicable Machines Tire crane, Rail crane, Bridge crane
Pivot Type ISO floating pivot, Hydraulic cylinder drive
Telescopic Type Oil motor drive, Telescopic through chain drive
Intermediate Suspension Lifting Hydraulic cylinder vertical movement for lifting
Twin-lift Movement Hydraulic cylinder horizontal movement for translation
Guide Plate Mechanism Swing cylinder active guide plate
Power Supply Voltage/Frequency AC380(3P)/50Hz
Total Power 7.5KW
Allowable Load Eccentricity 土10%
Rated Load Single-lift 50 tons, Twin-lift 65 tons
Hanger Rated Load 4×12.5 tons
Ambient Temperature -20°~+60°
Opening/Closing Time ~1s
Telescoping Time (20ft~45ft) ~35s
Single Stroke Time ~10s
0-1.6m Single Stroke Time ~25s
Guide Plate 180° 5~7s
Control Voltage AC220V(Optional)
System Operating Pressure 100/170bar
Protection Level IP55



  • Material Quality: Utilizes high-strength steel plates, providing a lightweight structure with excellent strength.
  • Structural Design: Rational design of the lifting equipment’s structure ensures durability and longevity of components.
  • Assembly Efficiency: Standardized assembly and strong part interchangeability contribute to efficient and versatile use.
  • Rotation Mechanism: Employs eight single-acting hydraulic cylinders for a stable and reliable lifting operation.
  • Alignment Assistance: Equipped with four movable guide devices at the corners, facilitating precise alignment of containers.
  • Safety Measures: Incorporates an infrared photocell sensor for electrical interlocking protection, ensuring safe and secure operations.

Project Case

KENAN is dedicated to delivering comprehensive services, encompassing research, design, manufacturing, installation, debugging, transportation, and after-sales support. We specialize in the field of container spreaders and hoisting equipment. Operating globally, we export to major ports worldwide. If you have any inquiries or requirements, please feel free to contact us.

Container Spreader Case


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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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