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Food Industry Crane

Monorail dust-proof crane; Double beam dust-proof crane


Dust-free workshop electric overhead crane is widely used in various clean workshop environments such as biotechnology, medical equipment, pharmaceutical production, food production, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Supply Scope

# Dust-proof EOT crane
Capacity (T) 15
Max. Lifting Height (m) 80
Work Duty M5-M6
Protection Class IP65
Note: Customized design is acceptable.


The surface of the dust-free workshop electric wire rope hoist EOT crane adopts special anti-corrosion treatment, with the features of high permeability, adhesion, chemical resistance stability, and non-polluting.

The key parts of dust-free workshop electric wire rope hoist EOT crane is made of stainless steel or coated with polyurethane, and adopt a fully-sealed drive structure.


           Monorail dust-proof crane                  Double beam dust-proof crane

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