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Electric Fixed Container Spreader

  • APPLICATION: Mobile Harbour Cranes, Marine Cranes, RTG Cranes, RMG Cranes
  • SPREADER CONTROL: Mechanical or Semi Automatic
  • OPTIONS: Rotating Spreaders, ±1200 Movement Spreaders

Used in ports and container terminals for lifting and handling containers

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The electric fixed container spreader is a device used in ports and container terminals for lifting and handling containers. Typically mounted on RTG cranes or RMG cranes, it is designed to securely grasp the corners of containers, allowing for safe lifting and movement.

KENAN electric fixed spreaders come in two main specifications: 20 feet and 40 feet, suitable for handling 20-foot and 40-foot containers.

The fixed container spreader consists primarily of main beam structure, end beam structure, open/close lock drive mechanism, and guide plate mechanism. The main structure of the spreader is a closed-box beam structure, designed in accordance with international standards.

To meet different operational requirements, the electric fixed container can be equipped with lateral movement or rotation mechanisms, or a combination of both, driven by a power source such as a reduction motor to perform required actions. In electric spreaders, the motor is only powered when action is needed, making it energy-efficient. Electric container spreaders offer advantages such as compact structure, light weight, and environmental friendliness compared to conventional hydraulic spreaders. This type of spreader utilizes fixed guide plates, aiding drivers in container positioning, and the fixed guide plate structure is stronger and more cost-effective than movable guide plate devices.

Technical Data

Model EFS20ft/EFS40ft EFS20ft/EFS40ft _RSH_ER360° EFS20ft/EFS40ft _RSH_SR360±CT1200
Self Weight 2.5 tons / 5 tons 5 tons / 6.3 tons 7.5 tons / 9 tons
Swivel Type ISO Floating Swivel, Driven by Reduction Motor
Rotation Angle / 360° (optional) 360° (optional)
Lateral Movement Distance / / ±1200mm
Rotation Mechanism / Rotation motor drives the turntable to rotate
Guide Plate Mechanism Removable Fixed Guide Plate (FF, optional)
Power Supply Voltage/Frequency AC 380(3P)/50Hz
Total Power ≤1.1KW ≤4.1 KW 8 KW
Permissible Eccentric Load 士10%
Rated Load ≤41 tons
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Rated Load on Lugs 4×10.5 tons
Lock/Unlock Time ~1 second
Rotation Speed / 1r/min 1r/min
Lateral Movement Time / / ~35 seconds
Lateral Movement Mechanism / / Motor-driven, driven

by roller chain linkage

Protection Level IP55
Control Voltage AC220V (optional)
Maximum Power Consumption 1.1KW 3KW 4KW


  • Versatility in Multiple Sizes: KENAN electric fixed spreaders are available in 20 feet and 40 feet specifications, catering to both 20-foot and 40-foot containers.
  • Flexibility and Multi-functionality: With 360° rotation and optional rotation angles, coupled with a lateral movement of +1200mm, the spreader provides flexible operational choices for various complex conditions.
  • Advanced Drive Technology: Utilizing ISO floating swivel and a reduction motor, the electric spreader ensures efficient performance. The rotation motor-driven turntable enhances operational precision.
  • Removable Guide Plate Design: Equipped with a removable fixed guide plate (FF optional), the spreader allows flexible adjustment of the guide plate, enhancing operational convenience and adaptability.
  • Selectable Power and Voltage: Operating at AC 380(3P)/50Hz, the spreader also offers control voltage options at AC 220V to meet diverse power requirements.
  • Stability and Safety: Designed with a permissible eccentric load of ±10%, the spreader ensures safe operation under various conditions. It boasts an IP55 protection rating for reliable safety.
  • Environmental and Economic Benefits: Utilizing motor-driven lateral movement through roller chain linkage, the spreader features a compact structure, lightweight design, and energy-efficient operation, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Project Case

KENAN spreaders are effectively deployed in over 90 terminals spanning 25 countries globally. From the East and West Coasts of the United States, where more than 30 units are actively in use, to prominent terminals in Europe, including Germany, France, Russia, Poland, the United Kingdom, Italy, and the Netherlands, KENAN equipment demonstrates its efficiency. This widespread adoption extends to South American ports in Peru, Chile, and Brazil, as well as African nations like Venezuela, Kenya, Djibouti, and Morocco. In Oceania, KENAN spreaders play a significant role in terminals across Australia and New Zealand. The reach of KENAN extends to North American countries such as Mexico and Canada, and the equipment is widely embraced in various Asian nations, including South Korea, India, Singapore, and Malaysia. The global prevalence of KENAN spreaders attests to their reliability and effectiveness in diverse port operations.

Container Spreader Case

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