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  • Rich In Production

    15 Years Manufacturer Experience.
    A Technical Team of 30+ People.
    8 production lines
    OEM and ODM Accepted.

  • Rich In Export

    2000+ Cases in Various Industries.
    Cranes Are Sold To 50+ Countries
    Save Cost On The Package, Transportation, Shipments, Customs Clearance.

  • Extreme

    24h Drawing Provided
    48h Price Provided
    72h Standard Production Finished

Electric Hoists

The K Series electric wire rope hoist from Kinocranes, a leading electric hoist supplier, is the most widely-used product in our range. With a lifting capacity of up to 500 tonnes, our electric wire rope hoists are designed to pick up heavy-duty loads quickly and efficiently.

We offer a variety of options, from K single beam type to K double beam type heavy-duty wire rope hoists, allowing you to choose the perfect hoist for your needs. If you need a customized wire rope hoist, simply request a quote to get started.

As a trusted electric hoist manufacturer, we also provide chain hoists that can be used in conjunction with cranes for lifting materials. Trust Kinocranes for all your lifting needs.

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Projects Showcase

With a wide global reach, Kinocranes has provided crane hoist solutions in over 56 countries, including the United States, Australia, Indonesia, Brazil, Chile, Russia, and many others. As a trusted electric hoist supplier, we have serviced various crane projects, gaining valuable experience and expertise. Here are some of the projects we have completed for your reference. Whether you need an electric hoist or hoist parts, we are here to help. Please leave us your detailed requirements, and our team will provide you with professional crane solutions tailored to your needs.
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our Advantage

  • Safety and Efficiency
    Their design incorporates features such as overload protection, emergency stop systems, and adjustable speed controls to ensure that they are safe to use and can be operated with precision.
    Each items have CE/ISO certificates and the quality is reliable.
  • Custom Lifting Solutions
    The electric hoists series offered by Kinocranes include the Double speed electric hoists, European type electric hoists, explosion proof electric hoists, metallurgical electric hoist, and mini electric hoists, etc. Customized electric hoists are available, which are the optimal solution to your material handling problems.
  • Reasonable Cost
    As a professional hoist manufacturer, we offer competitive price,distributors are sincerely expected.
  • After-Sales Service
    They are also designed with durability in mind, so they are less likely to suffer from wear and tear and can handle long-term use with minimal repairs or maintenance.

Special Value Service

  • Tech & Manufacture Suppprt

    • Consultation、Training、Technical Seminar;
    • Blueprint and Infomation Support;
  • Adaptation to Special Plant Environments

    We can meet the needs of factory environments, Such as hoist with explosion-proof requirements,Clean type electric hoist,etc..
  • Customized Voltage Supply

    We can customize the generator to meet the different voltage requirements around the world, whether the voltage in your country is 100V~130V or 220~240V. Alternatively, generators are available.
  • Adequate Accessories

    We are well equipped with spare parts that not only compress the production cycle and improve productivity, but also enable timely response in after-sales maintenance.

Industrial Solution

At Kinocranes, we understand that different industries have unique lifting requirements. That's why we offer customized crane hoist solutions with optional functions to cater to your specific needs. Our team of experts can provide you with various optional functions to address the special lifting needs in your industry. Whether you require specialized safety features, advanced controls, specialized hooks or attachments, or other customized functions, we can provide tailored lifting solutions that meet your requirements. We have extensive experience in serving diverse industries such as construction, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and more. Contact us today to discuss your lifting needs and let us provide you with crane hoist solutions that are designed to optimize performance and safety in your industry.



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