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Electric Scissor Lift

Load capacity: 200kg - 550kg

Operation height: 6-14M

Power Supply: Battery


Especially suitable for station, wharf, airport, power plant, sports venues, large enterprises and other large range of high-altitude operation

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Electric Scissor Lift (Fully Self-propelled Lifting Platform) has the function of automatic walking machine, integrated design, built-in battery power, meet in different working conditions, no external power supply, no external power traction can lift freely, and the equipment running and steering is also just a person can be completed. The operator only needs to master the control handle to the equipment before the complete equipment forward and backward, steering, fast, slow walk and equal action. Self-propelled electric scissor liftt is mobile and flexible, convenient operation, labor saving, making high-altitude operations more efficient and convenient, it is also the ideal equipment for high-altitude operations.

Technical Data

Model Max. Lifting Height


Safe Work Load


Platform size


Outline dimension

Guardrail folded


Lifting Motor


Dead Weight


CFPT0608SP 5.8 230 1.67×0.74 1.86×0.76×1.84 24v/3.3kw 1460
CFPT0608 6 450 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.19×1.66 24v/3.3kw 2170
CFPT0810NP 8 230 2.27×0.81 2.48×0.83×1.99 24v/3.3kw 2260
CFPT0810 8 450 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.19×1.78 24v/3.3kw 2360
CFPT1012 10 320 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.19×1.91 24v/3.3kw 2640
CFPT1214 11.8 320 2.27×1.12 2.48×1.19×2.03 24v/4.5kw 2980
CFPT1416 13.7 230 2.64×1.12 2.85×1.25×2.105 24v/4.5kw 3600
CFPTO39ZP 3.9 240 1.34×0.7 1.47×0.76×1.73 24v/0.8kw 860
CFPT039ZF 3.9 240 1.15×0.7 1.32×0.76×1.52 24v/0.8kw 660
CFPT0406MP 3.9 240 1.29×0.7 1.42×0.76×1.47 12v/0.8kw 460


electric scissor lift detail

  • Robust, Reliable, and easy to maintain.
  • Extendable Platform. increase the working range.
  • 24V DC power source with long working cycles.
  • High strength guardrail increases the safety of high altitude operation.


Electric Scissor Lift Advantage

  • High Performance & More Secure
  • One-time shaping by die forging
  • Own CE certification, ISO certification, China Classification Society certification, etc.
  • 200% load test

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1. What can you buy from us?
Scissor Lift,Scissor type lifting platform, self-propelled lifting platform, self-propelled lifting
platform, lifting table, lifting equipment, etc. we can do it with one-stop service and one-stop procurement!
2. Why should you buy from us not from other suppliers?
We are always devoted to make the first-class lift machinery and make efforts to do perfect design for customers to do lifting and aerial work. We have 15 years of experience in design and development.
3. Please imform us your detailed needs for right solution and price
a. What platform height do you need?
b. How much platform load is need for you?
c. Do you prefer hydraulic drive or electric drive?
d. How many would you like to order?
e. Which port shall we ship the goods to?

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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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