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How many types of crane grabs

Grab bucket refers to a special tool for cranes to grab dry bulk cargo. Grab bucket operation does not require heavy manual labor, which can achieve high loading and unloading efficiency and ensure safety. It is the main dry bulk cargo handling tool in ports. According to the types of working goods, it can be divided into ore grabs, coal grabs, grain grabs, timber grabs, etc. According to the shape, it can be divided into clam shell grab bucket and orange peel grab bucket, the former is composed of two complete buckets, and the latter is composed of three or more jaws. According to the driving method, it can be divided into two categories: hydraulic grab and mechanical grab.

The following is the product introduction of 12 kinds of grapples provided by kinocranes, how to choose a suitable crane grapple? The power form of the grab bucket needs to be selected according to the crane, and the structure form of the grab bucket needs to be selected for the type of cargo to be loaded and unloaded.

1. Double-rope or four rope mechanical orange peel grab bucket: To Grab bulk or irregular-shaped bulk materials. The bucket has good wear resistance and high strength, and has good incision when grabbing materials. The grab has a wide range of uses and can be used with tower cranes, ship cranes and gantry cranes to grab garbage, stones, scrap steel and other bulk materials. The standard lifting capacity range is 5.0t~40t and the material density range is 0.5t/m³~3.0t/m³.

2. Double-rope or four rope mechanical clam shell grab bucket: To grab all kinds of powdery and granular bulk materials. The grab bucket is designed with a single-spindle bucket body. The overall structure design is light. The grabbing ratio is large. The closing force is strong, and the material filling rate is high. According to the environmental protection requirements, this type of grab bucket can be designed with a dust cover, maintenance-less or maintenance-free structure of various edge seals and hinge points under maritime environment and other special conditions. It is usually used in conjunction with tower cranes, ship cranes and ship unloaders. Its application site is widely in docks, steel mills, power plant and ships. Its standard lifting capacity range is 5.0t~64t. The material density range is 0.8t/m³~3.0t/m³.

3. Double rope and four rope timber grab bucket: To grab logs of various specifications, either single piece or multiple pieces of logs. It is mostly used with tower cranes and gantry cranes. It is mainly applicable for log yard and dock unloading. The standard lifting capacity range is 5.0t~32t.

4. Electro-hydraulic clam shell grab bucket: To grab powder and granular bulk materials (such as fertilizer, grain, coal, coke, ore, yellow sand, granular building materials, crushed stone and other bulk materials), which have been widely used in wharfs, steel mills, power plants, ships and waste incineration plants. It could be cooperated with various types of cranes such as tower cranes, ship cranes and ship unloaders. For the grab bucket that has been operating in a corrosive environment for a long time, the pins of each hinge point are treated with high-performance anti-corrosion effectiveness to ensure the reliability of the pins in a long period of time. The regular grab bucket volume is 0.8m³~26.0m³. The corresponding motor power range is 8.5 kw~55 kw.

5. Electro-hydraulic orange peel grab bucket: To grab block, granular and irregular bulk materials (such as coke, pig iron, scrap steel, slag, garbage and stones). This type of grab bucket could be directly connected with the hook. The connection method is simple and convenient. Its grabbing efficiency is high, and the working performance is stable. It is widely used in docks, steel plants and waste incineration plants. The standard grab bucket capacity range is 0.8m³ ~ 20m³, and its corresponding motor power range is 8.5 kw ~ 55 kw.

6. Electro-hydraulic rectangular grab bucket: To grab block, granular and irregular bulk materials (such as coke, pig iron, scrap steel and slag). It is especially suitable for the loading and unloading of bulk cargo in the carriage. It is widely used in docks and steel mills, and it could be used with various types of cranes such as tower cranes and ship unloaders. The grab bucket standard capacity range is 2.0m³~4.0m³ with motor power from 28 kw to 45 kw.

7. Electro-hydraulic wood grab bucket: It is suitable for grabbing all kinds of round logs bundles or single logs. It is widely used in docks, forest farms and wood processing raw material storage yards. The grab sectional area range is 0.4㎡~2.0㎡, and the motor power is 2.2 kw~22kw. It could grab the log size from Ф700mm to Ф2200mm diameter. 

8. Hydraulic clam shell grab bucket: To grab powder and granular bulk material. It could be configured on hydraulic excavators and boom cranes. The standard bucket capacity range is 0.1m³~3.0m³. The lifting capacity is up to 10t.

9. Hydraulic orange peel grab bucket: To grab bulk or irregular bulk materials (such as coke, scrap steel, slag and garbage). It could be configured on hydraulic excavators and boom cranes. The grab bucket regular capacity is 0.12m³~2.0m³. The lifting capacity is up to 10t.

10. Hydraulic wood grab bucket: To grab all kinds of round logs, which can be used in docks, forest farms, wood processing raw material storage yards, etc. It could be configured on hydraulic excavators and boom cranes. The cross-sectional area of this grab is 0.4m2~2.5m2. Its lifting capacity is up to 10t.

11. Underwater dredging grab bucket: It is a special grab for underwater dredging operations with cranes. According to the lifting type of the supporting crane, it could be divided into four-rope or double-rope mechanical type and hydraulic type. According to the different underwater working conditions, it is divided into: clam shell grab bucket for dredging or catching pebbles, heavy-duty grab for clay, gravel and slab soil digging and giant salvage grab for removing and grabbing large rocks.

12. Radio Remote Control Grab: The radio remote control grab is a bulk cargo grab that applies radio remote control technology to a single-rope grab. It is often used in conjunction with a single-hook crane, which solves the difficulties of low working efficiency and high operating intensity of the single-rope grab. It is especially suitable for single-hook cranes and marine portal cranes, which are reliable and easy to operate. The bucket can be opened and unloaded at any position in the air by radio remote control.  



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