Crane Customized


KINO CRANES Engineers Instruct Customers To Produce Main Beams On Site In Bangladesh

The project site is located near Port Chittagong, Bangladesh. This customer is the structural engineers first choice for the best quality TMT construction steel in Bangladesh. 

Considering that the main girder of the crane is extremely long, the transportation cost of the scattered group is relatively high and it is easy to be damaged during transportation, in order to save costs for customers and ensure the quality of the crane. KINOCRANES takes the lead in adopting nanny-style production and installation services in the industry.

The end beams, trolleys, and complete electrical systems of the crane are produced at the KINORNAE factory in China and transported to the customer site by container; KINO CRANES provides a full set of main beam production drawings, and will send engineers to the customer site to guide the production and installation of the main beam.



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