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Telescopic electromagnetic hanging beam

In order to meet the lifting and transportation requirements of different specifications of steel plates, rationally use the workshop space, improve productivity, and reduce production costs as much as possible, a new type of telescopic electromagnetic spreader beam is designed. By adjusting the spacing of some of the electromagnets on the spreader beam, the hanging beam can be freely stretched in the length direction, so as to better complete the lifting operation of steel plates with different lengths and specifications. The telescopic electromagnets hanging beam fully meets the needs of practical engineering applications.

I. Main Performance Parameters

The main performance parameters of the telescopic electromagnetic spreader beam:

Spreader beam dead weight up to 21t

Spreader beam length 12~16m or 14~18m

Extending time: Extend 30s, retract 30s

Rated lifting capacity  up to 24t

Lifting steel plate specifications:

Length 3000~20000mm

Width 900~4900mm

II. Structural Composition

The telescopic electromagnetic spreader beam is mainly composed of hanger, fixed beam, telescopic beam, telescopic drive mechanism, limit device, electromagnets and magnets adjustment device and other parts

  1. Hanger 2. Fixed beam 3. Telescopic beam 4. Telescopic drive mechanism 5. Electromagnets 6. Magnet adjustment device. 

The structure of the telescopic electromagnetic spreader beam is a box-type double-beam structure, using two " three- in-one " reducers as driving power, vertical roller guidance, driving the telescopic beam to move in the fixed beam, and realizing the distance between the electromagnets automatic adjustment, and additional safety measures such as limit devices and buffer devices.

III. How it works

Reducer of the telescopic drive mechanism by operating the control switch to drive the gear to rotate, so that the gear and the pin and rack are meshed with each other, so that the pin and rack can reciprocate linearly, and the pin and rack pass through. The long axis is connected with the support on the telescopic beam to drive the telescopic beam, so that the telescopic beam can be extended or retracted in the fixed beam. The reducer is powered off, the telescopic hanging beam is placed on the slab to be lifted through the hook of the overhead crane, and then the electromagnets are energized, the hanging beam starts to lift the slab, and the slab is hoisted to a suitable place. After the position, the electromagnets are powered off, thus completing a slab lifting operation.

In the telescopic electromagnetic hanging beam, the change and adjustment of the electromagnets spacing mainly relies on the telescopic sliding of the motor-driven telescopic beam. When the telescopic beam extends out of the fixed beam and reaches the maximum limit, the longest steel plate could be lift. When the telescopic beam retracts into the fixed beam and reaches the minimum limit, it is suitable to lift the short steel plate. When the steel plate does not need to be lifted and transported, the telescopic beam is retracted into the fixed beam, and the space occupied by the hanging beam is minimal.

IV. Characteristics of the telescopic electromagnetic spreader beam

The telescopic electro-magnets hanging beam has the following advantages:

⑴ Large scope of application

The telescopic electromagnetic spreader beam has a wide range of applications, and the specifications of the steel plates that can be lifted and transported are shown in the main performance parameters section in the text.

(2) Flexible operation and high production efficiency

The design fully considers the driving force required to overcome the self-weight of the telescopic beam, the self-weight of the single electromagnets and the frictional resistance of the mechanism itself when the telescopic beam is extended and retracted. The telescopic beam can expand and contract freely, and the electromagnetic spreader beam runs smoothly, which is suitable for lifting and transporting steel plates of different lengths. When hoisting long steel plates, especially ultra-long thin plates, the variable-distance telescopic electromagnets spreader beam has the advantages of convenient length adjustment, strong versatility and high productivity.

(3) Safe and reliable work

The strength and stiffness of the fixed beam and the telescopic beam are calculated in accordance with the harsh working conditions. The calculation considers the dynamic load coefficient and the partial load coefficient, that is, according to the electromagnetic spreader beam rated load, the steel plate is in the most unfavorable partial load lifting position. If the strength and stiffness are calculated according to this working condition, the electromagnetic spreader beam can safely and reliably lift the slab. At the same time, due to the double protection design of mechanical limit and electrical limit, the telescopic travel and operation reliability of the telescopic spreader beam are ensured, the safety of the mechanism operation is improved, and it greatly meets the development requirements of modern industry.

⑷High degree of automation

There is no need to set up special personnel on the ground to command, as long as one driver operates, it can meet the working requirements of automation and semi-automation of lifting operations, adapt to the development needs of modern industrial enterprises, and save manpower and material resources.

(5) Low cost

The price is cheaper than European make products, only one-half to one-third of the those price.

V. Conclusion

The telescopic electromagnets spreader beam can be widely used in steel mills, warehouses and wharfs and other places. Its flexible lifting method meets the development requirements of modern industry. Its practicability, advancement and security can fully meet the needs of practical engineering applications.



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