Crane Customized


Selection of Crane Motors

When selecting crane motors for an application, at least the following details need to be considered:

-required powers (the thermal power is also included in these required powers),

-maximum rated torque and maximum acceleration torque,

-cyclic duration factor,

-number of cycles/hour, 

-type of control (type of braking),

-speed regulation,

-type of power feed,

-degree of protection, (environment conditions),

-ambient temperature,


The crane motor has to comply with the following two dimensioning requirements:

-the thermal calculation according to clause

-the required maximum torque:

•for hoisting mechanisms according to clause

•for horizontal motions according to clause

NOTE: Additional or different criteria may be needed depending on the driving system.

NOTE: Selection of crane motors for inverter drives is defined in clause 5.8.4, which also covers the dimensioning of inverter drives.

If the required torque diagrams, in order to define the mean equivalent torque (cl. are not available. These can be assessed respectively with the help of tables T and T

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