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How To Choose The Right Chinese Crane For Your Project And Reduce Your Expenses?

To speed up the project progress and improve work efficiency, the crane will be your right-hand man. But determining which crane is right for you to meet your expectations can be a daunting task. There are many types of cranes, these seven tips will help you make the right choice as quickly as possible.


一、Determine the maximum lifting load weight

The first thing you need to consider is the weight of the load being lifted or moved using the crane. Therefore, you need a crane with the right lifting capacity to move the load. If you use a heavy lifting crane for small loads, you may waste time and money. On the contrary, a crane with a small lifting capacity can cause fatal accidents and load damage. We can provide customized load lifting capacity according to your needs.

二、Know the lifting height

The lifting height of a crane is generally defined as the vertical distance that the hook moves in the height direction.

It is as important as the load, and it determines how high the load can be lifted. For example, the number of layers that a container can be stacked, and an increase in the number of layers represents an increase in high space utilization.

In addition, you need to consider whether there is a lifting height below the ground.

三、Define work area

The working area refers to the horizontal area where the load is moved. It determines the length and travel distance of the crane. You also need to pay attention to the environmental impact of cranes, such as temperature, humidity, indoor, outdoor and so on.

四、Work intensity

The working intensity of the crane is determined by two dimensions.

1. Working hours, generally refers to the approximate working hours per day.

2. Load factor, often lifting the ratio of the weight of the load to the rated load. If you need to complete the hoisting in a short time, please consider the working speed of the crane.

五、Crane structure

Cranes are classified by structure

Lifting mechanism, single girder crane, double girder crane

Bridge cranes, gantry cranes, suspension cranes, cantilever cranes, etc.

Cranes of different structures may be suitable for your application, but they will affect your comprehensive assessment.

For example, a double-beam crane is more expensive than a single-beam crane, but its lifting capacity is relatively high. The gantry crane is more expensive than the bridge crane, but the gantry crane can save you the cost of the steel structure workshop.

六、Industry use

In addition to general-purpose cranes, various industries have different requirements for the proprietary functions of cranes.


1. Steel plant cranes generally require higher efficiency, so the speed is also higher.

2. The precision workshop has high requirements for assembly accuracy, so low-speed precise positioning is required, so it is more reasonable to use frequency conversion speed regulation.

So, please clarify the industry application of your crane.

七、Check the cost budget

If the crane you choose through the above 6 points exceeds your budget.

Please send us your information, and we will have a professional engineer reply to you within 1 day.



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