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Crane lubrication

The lubrication will affect the running of crane, all the axes, holes and grinding part should be lubricated regularly. So the operator and maintenance man should check the lubrication points and add grease on time. According to requirement of customers, the lubrication has Sub-point lubrication and centralized lubrication.

Lubrication points distribution of lifting equipment

  • Two ends of pulley shaft of hook and thrust beating under hook
  • Fixed pulley shaft(on trolley frame)
  • Wire rope
  • Reducer
  • Gear coupling
  • Each bearing base(Including wheel block, bearing case and drum base)
  • Motor bearing
  • Each hinge point of brake
  • Bearing of pulley
  • Lubrication conditions and materials

Crane equipment must use appropriate lubrication grease, apply lubricants regularity, lubrication devices and lubrication point must be kept clean. General regulation of the lubrication time of main components and lubrication, materials recommended are shown in Table4-6.







Wire Rope

Commonly once every 15-30 day, or according to actual conditions.

1.Heat the lubricating grease to 50-100°C the apply.

2. Apply without heating.

Core wire rope(SH/T0388-1992);


Graphite grease




At beginning, change oil once a season, later change oil once half or one year according to actual condition


L-CKC(GB 5903-1995) industrial closed gear oil L-CKC(GB 5903-1995)


Open Gear

Clean once every half month, season or half year.


Extreme pressure lithium base grease(CG/T7323-1994)


Gear coupling

Once a month

1. Temperature ranges from -20~+50°C

2. Working temperature higher than 50°C

3. Working temperature lower than -20°C

1. Calcium lubrication grease(GB/T491-1987)

2. General Purpose Lithium Lubricating Grease(GB/T5671-1995)

3. Use No.1 and No.2 special lubrication grease(Q/SY1110-70)


Rolling bearing

Once every 3-6 months


Sliding bearing

According to actual situation


Internal Gear in a Drum

Add oil when overhaul



Annual repair or overhaul

1. Normal motor

2. With Hinsulating grade and used

1. General Purpose Lithium Lubricating Grease

2. Complex aluminium base grease(SH/T0378-2003)



Hinge point of break

Once every month


Industrial lithium lubrication grease

Notices of lubrication

  1. Keep lubrication material clean.
  2. Do not mix and use lubrication grease of different brands.
  3. Check sealing condition of lubrication system regularly.
  4. For lubrication work, choose suitable lubrication material and add grease regularly.
  5. It is better to adopt pressure grease(oil gun or pump). Try to avoid smearing grease. For the grease does not easily get into the friction surface, try to push the grease to the fiction surface if necessary.
  6. Lubrication work is only allowed when crane completely power is off(Excluding centralized lubrication of electric dry oil).
  7. Make sure that the pipeline doesn’s get crushed, pressed and impacted.
  8. When disassembling the pipeline, take care of the pipe ends or joints, for fear of damage or mechanical impure ties. When re-installing, carefully clean the joints to make sure the oil way is clean enough.
  9. Sodium grease is not applicable for humid area, as it’s absorbent and easily void.
  10. For the rotate parts without grease points, add thin oil to the gaps of all rotate parts regularly to reduce abrision and prevent rust. Note the fat body with a rotating point location, should regularly point dilute oil injection site in the rotation slot, to reduce engine wear corrosion prevention.
    When lubrication points, adopt appropriate rotation to make the grease distributed uniformly.
    Various lubricants materials without the required replacement interval, have been found contaminated or meta-morphic, and should be replaced immediately.
    If various lubrication materials which doesn’t reach the replace interval are found contaminated or metamorphic, replace them immediately.



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