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Crane Rope Drum & Gear Faults And Troubleshooting Methods

NameFailure and damage conditionResultTrouble- shooting Method
Crane Rope DrumCrane rope drum has fatigue crackBreak of crane rope drumReplace crane rope drum
Abrasion of drum’s shaft and keyBreak of shaft and cause the load fall offStop using and inspect the shaft key immediately
Groove abrasion and rope hopping. The abrasion reaches 15%-20% of the original thickness.The rigidity of crane rope drum becomes weaker and easy to break. And wire rope is twisted.Replace the crane rope drum
GearGear teeth breakAbnormal noise during operation, if continue to use it, will damage the transmission mechanism.Replace the new gear
Gear wear up to 15%-20% of the original teeth thicknessVibration and noise caused by overtime use and improper installation, which make load fall off.Replace lifting mechanism, for traveling mechanism, repair or renew the key.
The peeling surface of the tooth surface accounts for 30% of the total working area, and the peeling depth reaches 10% of the tooth thickness; the carburized layer wears up to 80% of the depthOvertime use, Bad material, improper heat treatment cause the damage of shaft.Replace: for the reducer with peripheral speed>8m/s, when there is some abrasion, replace pairs of high speed gear of reducer.

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