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Lifting Mechanism – Crane Wire Rope & Pulley Faults And Troubleshooting Methods

NameFailure and damage conditionReason and ResultTrouble- shooting Method
Crane Wire ropeBreakage, knotting, abrasion Cause to breakage of ropeStop to use it when wire rope break and knot; replace according to standard wen thread break, and replace the wire rope according to standard when it have abrasion.
Hook PulleyUneven abrasion of block’s grooveMaterial asymmetry, bad installation and bad connection of rope and wheelReplace it when abrasion of groove’s wall reaches / of previous thickness, and gauge ware reaches 1 /2 of wire rope diameter
Pulley can not rotateKeeper of shaft loose or wire rope hop out of grooveReplace the shaft and bearing and then lubricate and maintain them
Pulley incline or looseKeeper of shaft loose or wire rope hop out of grooveFasten the keeper and repair the wire rope’s hopping
Crack of pulley or break of wheel flangePulley damageReplace



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