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Bridge Crane Bearings: Faults and Troubleshooting Methods

Troubleshooting Guide for Bridge Crane Mechanisms: Addressing Faults in Rolling Bearings and Sliding Bearings.

Bridge cranes play a vital role in various industries, ensuring the smooth movement of heavy loads. Today, we delve into the common issues faced with these bearings in bridge cranes and the effective troubleshooting methods to resolve them.
Understanding the nature of these faults and having effective troubleshooting methods is crucial for maintaining optimal crane performance. Below, we delve into the common issues faced with rolling bearings and sliding bearings, their causes, consequences, and methods for resolution.

Bearing Type




Troubleshooting Method

Rolling Bearings

High Temperature

Lubrication oil dirt

Elevated temperature

Clean dirt, replace bearing. Ensure proper lubrication.

Add lubrication oil as required.

Abnormal Noise

Excessive oil or dirty bearings

Unusual sounds from the bearing

Check lubrication oil quantity. Clean if necessary.

Sliding Bearings


Bearing misalignment or excessive pressure

Excessive heat in the sliding bearings

Eliminate misalignment. Adjust bearing pressure.

Improper Clearance

Inadequate space for bearing to function correctly

Incorrect clearance in the bearing

Adjust clearance to specified levels.

Lack of Lubrication

Inadequate lubrication causing wear and tear

Bearings not properly lubricated

Regularly add lubrication oil. Use high-quality lubricant.

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