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Hoisting Mechanism – Crane Hook Failure and Trouble Shooting

The crane hook is one of the key parts of the crane, and the lifting of the crane requires a large amount of weight to be carried. It must meet relevant requirements in order to allow the operator to be more confident and bold in using, and also to make the work better.

During work, the crane hook is prone to fracture, which can cause casualties and property losses, leading to major accidents. Therefore, in the maintenance of the crane, do not neglect the inspection of the crane hook. See the following table for inspection items:


Failure and damage condition

Reason and Result

Trouble- shooting Method

Forged Hook

Fatigue crack on book surface

Overload, Overtime use, flaw of material

Replace it if any crack found

Wear of oping and dangerous section

Lessen the rigidity, or it is easy to cause hook break and accident

Replace crane hook when the abrasion over 5% of dangerous section.

Crack and wending parts have plastic deformation

Caused by long time overload and fatigue

Replace immediately

Laminated hook

The abrasion of pin shaft is more than 3%-5% of nominal diameter

Hook fall off


Earring has crack or burr

Earring breakage


The abrasion of earring’s lining reaches 5% of original thickness

Bad forced condition




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