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Overhead Crane Wheel & Shaft Faults And Troubleshooting Methods

Name Failure and damage condition Reason and Result Trouble- shooting Method
Shaft Crack Material defects and improper heat treatment lead to shaft damage Replace
Bending of shaft is more than 0.5mm/m。 Cause damage of shaft neck and influence the transmission and cause vibration Replace or rectify
Crane Wheel Crane wheel tread and flange have fatigue crack Damage of crane wheel Replace
Uneven abrasion of crane drive wheel tread Leads to rail gnawing tilt of crane Replace in pairs
Abrasion of tread reaches 15% of crane wheel diameter Vibration when traveling;

Damage of wheel

Wheel flange abrasion reaches 50% of the original thickness. Due to the crane tilt and rail gnawing and cause derailment Replace



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