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Billet lifting clamp

  • WLL:3-30 T
  • Billet lifting clamp:50-400

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The Billet lifting clamp adopts the principle of leverage, without the aid of external force, it can realize the clamping of the Billet lifting clamp. And the clamping is reliable, the action is flexible, and the lifting is safe and reliable. The starter is made of high-strength, high-wear-resistant alloy steel, which is flexible in action and has a long service life. The steel billet lifting clamp of this structure are divided into fixed type and adjustable type (the height H is steplessly adjustable) to adapt to the lifting of billets of different specifications and different layers. The connection form with the customer’s crane can be designed according to the actual situation.

Technical Data

Modle WLL Dimensions Specifecations Scope


A L H B h
JG3T300 3T 1000 600 1300 100-300 150
JG5T450 5T 1350 600 1750 250-450 300
JG5T750 5T 1500 600 2080 450-750 300
JG8T750 8T 1530 1000 2100 450-750 300
JG8T1120 8T 1690 1000 2380 700-1120 300
JG12T750 12T 1800 1600 2300 450-750 300 50-250
JG12T1020 12T 1820 1600 2435 700-1020 300 50-250
JG12T1280 12T 2225 1600 2750 850-1280 300 50-250
JG16T1020 16T 2030 2000 2620 700-1020 300 50-250
JG16T1280 16T 2250 2000 2850 850-1280 360 50-300
JG16T1500 16T 2400 2000 3150 1160-1500 360 50-300
JG20T1400 20T 2450 2000 3400 1000-1400 360 50-300
JG20T1750 20T 2500 2000 3500 1400-1750 360 50-300
JG20T1800 20T 2610 2000 3830 1400-1800 450 50-400
JG25T1600 25T 2570 2000 3450 1100-1600 450 50-400
JG25T2000 25T 2890 2000 3750 1450-2000 450 50-400
JG30T1600 30T 2800 2000 3750 1100-1600 450 50-400
JG30T2000 30T 2900 2000 3910 1450-2000 450 50-400


1.Conduct a comprehensive inspection of the broken steel clamp in advance: if the broken steel clamp is damaged, direct use may bring some danger, so it is necessary to carry out a detailed inspection of the important stress parts and shackles of the spinner before use. Once the problem is found, it is necessary to repair and check the quality before continuing to use.

2.Correct choice of steel clamp specifications: any product has a variety of specifications, and the steel clamp is the same, different specifications of products have different conditions and uses, so it is necessary to choose according to the current situation to meet the specifications of the steel clamp.

3.The front oblique Angle of the billet clamp shall not be too high: it is clearly marked in the product instructions. In normal operation, the tilt Angle of the clamp shall not exceed 50 degrees, otherwise the whole balance degree will be affected, which can not be ignored in the normal use process.

4.When the force part of the clamp is obviously damaged or deformed: at this time, the broken steel clamp can basically be scrapped. If it is still used, it may bring some danger.

5.It is necessary to lubricate each department in time. Each department of billet clamp is easy to be damaged in the case of dry friction, and the resistance is increased, so it is necessary to oil regularly and increase the lubrication degree.


Billet refers to the blank of steel mill before finishing rolling, commonly known as slab and rectangular billet. Billet lifting clamp are special tools for translocating steel billets in large quantities in steel works, ports and wharves.

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