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Steel Mill Turnkey Project In Karachi Pakistan

The project site is located in Port Qasim, Karachi, the steel mill hub of Pakistan.

Kinocranes is the first supplier to provide a complete set of material handling solutions for steel mill customers in Karachi. The customer is a short-process steelmaking manufacturer that produces high-quality re-bar with a diameter of 8-40mm from scrap smelting to continuous casting machine billet . The annual output is about 300,000 tons.

Customer has 3 sets of induction furnaces with a capacity of 20 tons, plus a continuous casting machine of tree strands and a rolling mill of fully automatic from Primetals. The customer ultimately hopes to achieve continuous casting and rolling to maximize benefits.

Kinocranes has rich design and production experience in the overall logistics handling process for steel mills.

In the scrap processing link, customers need to shred imported HMS scrap steel. We have designed two sets of 32t+32t double-girder gantry cranes. The cranes are used with grab buckets and circular magnets, which can not only meet the loading and unloading of on-site scrap steel containers, but also meet the needs of on-site scrap steel transfer. At the same time, it also saves customers the expense of renting several mobile crane for container unloading.

In the scrap feeding process, we provide an efficient, stable and durable electromagnetic double girder overhead crane 15/5t M7 working class 3 sets. The overhead crane works with grab buckets and circular magnets to continuously and quickly charge scrap to the scrap bucket and vibrator charging trolley to meet the smelting needs of three sets of induction furnaces.

In the melting process, we provided two sets safe and reliable QDY60/25t metallurgical overhead cranes to handle the ladles. We have added many safety protection measures in response to the on-site situation to ensure the orderly, safe and efficient on-site production of customers. For the speed control, we use thyristor stator voltage control design for all three motions of slip ring motors.

In the steel rolling link, we provided two 15t bridge cranes, which are always on standby to provide guarantee for customer equipment maintenance and material handling.

In the finished product link, we provided three sets 15/5t overhead cranes. The cranes cooperate with the electromagnetic hanging beam to move the finished rebar from the production line to the storage area in a busy and efficient manner. These finished products are waiting to be shipped to various steel markets, contributing to the country's infrastructure.



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