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ME Model Double Girder Scrap Yard Container Handling Multiple-use Gantry Crane Put Into Use In Pakistan

Basic specifications:

Trolley capacity: 32t+32t
Main steel structure capacity: 40Ton
Working class: M6
Span: 35m+5m cantilever
Lifting height: 15m

Features of Container Gantry Crane with Double Trolley:

1. Each trolley capacity is 32ton, the whole crane bridge is 40ton.  
Two trolleys on one crane are needed to tilt the scrap container, one hook up and one hook down. Two separated trolleys on one gantry crane can work together to unload the scrap containers instead of by two mobile cranes.
The max container weight is 28ton. But when we operate the two hooks for tilting movement, the impact and the inclining will make the hook not bear average weight and the load with fluctuate on the hook. So 32ton is a safer consideration.

2. The control system adapt leakage joystick design to make sure both trolleys’ hoisting up and down at the same speed and level when loading and unloading scrap containers. The leakage control can be also switched to independent control for one hook up and another down operation.

3. Besides scrap container unloading work, customers can equip the gantry crane with both grab and magnet for scrap handling, the magnet will have a large capacity max 10ton and grab can have max volume 5 cubic meters.

4. For the power supply we use cooper wire bus bar instead of cable reel. It is the most common method for outside gantry cranes in China.This type of copper bus bar is more like high speed train using power supply system design. It is solid core copper wire and anti-rust at outdoor use.
It is the mostly common application in China for large capacity and long travelling length gantry crane . The service life we can guarantee at least ten years.
In addition, we adopt 13mm square cooper wire which can take Max 800Amp current for whole scrap yard gantry cranes’ power supply. This bus bar can support max 4 sets of gantry crane working for customers’ future expansion.

5. The rail we suggest use 43kg rail as the long travelling wheel qty are 8 pcs. The 8 wheels design for long travelling can effectively distribution the wheel load and make gantry crane traveling more smooth and stable. It is a proper and economy choice.



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