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Excavator Use Electromagnet Delivered to Palestine

In May 2022, 0.8m Diameter Excavator Use Electromagnet (24V DC Power Supply) produced by Kinocranes have been shipped to Palestine. Solved the problem of steel scrap handling for customer.



Customer Requirements: Replace on-site use excavator grab (below pic) to electromagnet, power source is 24V DC.

grab bucket

According to the connection method of the excavator and the electromagnet, Kinocranes adopt one loop design lifting ear. It can perfectly fit the customer's original excavator structure. In order to fully understand and meet customer needs, then we confirm the excavator install size and magnet electric cable length in need and more details with customer.


Testing before send out


Visual production process: all production links, the progress is synchronized to the customer in time, so that the customer can feel at ease.

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