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Stage Hoist

Electric Hoist Series

Stage hoist belongs to chain type electric hoist, also called theatrical motor hoist, also known as lighting truss hoist or self climbing electric hoist. It is specially designed for large-scale performance occasions, hoisting light frame, loudspeaker group, large-scale scenery device and a gourd, but also suitable for other temporary mobile occasions lifting.

  • Maximum Lifting Weight: 2t
  • Lifting Height: 3-30m
  • Lift Speed: 2m/min, 4m/min
  • Power supply: 110V/220V/230V/380V/440V or as your request.
  • Certification: CE SGS ISO

used in the entertainment industry for rigging in sound, lights and securing truss systems.

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  • Why choose stage hoist for theatre concert


Stage Hoist is a light and small lifting equipment. It consists of electric motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket. And all produced according to international standards. The body is beautiful in appearance and durable. The internal gears are all quenched at high temperatures, which increases the wear resistance and toughness of the gears. The most advanced international technology is used, and the workmanship is fine and the gears are tightly fitted.

Technical Data

Model Capacity (kg) Voltage Lifting Height Chain Fall No. Lifting Speed (m/min) Load Chain Dia (mm)
KN-500 500 kg 220 380 440 25 1 4 6.3
KN-1000 1000 kg 220 380 440 25 1 4 7.1
KN-2000 2000 kg 220 380 440 25 1 2 7.1

Product Details

stage hoist detail
1. The metal shell of the fuselage is durable. The body is compact and meets the requirements of low headroom.
2. G80 grade lifting chain, galvanized and black optional, to meet customer requirements, with the lifting sprocket made of alloy steel, smooth operation and low noise.
3. The motor has a cooling fan, which is suitable for high-frequency operation.
4. Both the handle and the controller can be controlled to meet the requirements of customers for single or multiple use.
5. The compact upper and lower power-off switch can effectively prevent the top of the machine, and provide a large lift, which is safer to use.
6. Equipped with a professional chain pocket to store the chain, the hook is also equipped with an anti-decoupling device, the use of high safety factor, safe and reliable power-off locking brake, simple design.


stage hoists advantage stage hoists advantage

Why choose stage hoist for theatre concert

When we build a stage for live performances, we often need to lift and install a lot of audio and lighting equipment on the truss to achieve a good overall stage effect. Therefore, operators usually choose the stage electric hoist for operation, so why do everyone choose it for stage construction?

The shell of the electric stage hoist adopts special paint, which can reflect the stage light with a smaller probability, thereby reducing the impact on the stage lighting effect; the low-noise operation mode makes it not affect the sound effect of the scene during operation; at the same time, Its camera position is more concealed, and it can also enhance the effect of props while ensuring the stage effect.

Therefore, the stage electric hoist is the best choice for concert.

Kinocranes can provide you stage electric hoist according to your working station and using places, please feel free to contact us to get the suitable stage rigging.

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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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