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Metro Construction Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane Series

  • Capacity: 16t to 45t/16t
  • Lift height: Max.12m
  • Span: 18m/22m/26m/30m
  • Work duty: M6
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Working temperature: -10~45℃

Increasingly used in subway tunnel construction.

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With the rapid development of rail transit industry, metro construction gantry cranes are increasingly used in subway tunnel construction. The effective use of large-tonnage metro construction gantry crane will directly affect the construction safety, progress, and quality of subway tunnel construction projects, and then affect To the economic and social benefits of the project.

KINOCRANES has rich experience and numerous project cases in subway construction gantry cranes. The muck treated by the subway gantry crane is used for subway tunnel construction. The crane is mainly responsible for the construction of subway tunnels and lifts the muck excavated by the shield tunneling machine to the ground.

Technical Data

Crane Capacity 16t to 45t/16t
Span 18m/22m/26m/30m
Max. Lifting Height 12m
Speed Lifting Speed 0~8 m/min
L.T. Traveling 0~32m/min
C.T. Traveling 0~20m/min
Lifting Motor ABB / Siemens brand
Reducer SEW / TONLY Brand
Brake ZPMC brand EHT type, Top 1 quality in China
Hook DIN standard hook, Class T
Control Method Cabin Control
Working Class M6
Level of Protection IP54
Isolation Grade Class H
Working Temperature -10~45℃
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 3P AC or customized


◆Variable span to improve crane utilization.

◆The cantilever is detachable and more practical.

◆Fast running speed, heavy workload, and high efficiency.

◆The lifting height is high.

◆With a special tilting spreader, automatic dumping.


Main beam

1.  Q345E steel material for steel structure, Can withstand the impact test of minus 40 degrees

2.  Ultrasonic detection

3.  Strong box design, less distortion automatic welding

4.  Whole beam shot blasting treatment class: Sa2.5

5.  Relieving welding residual stress

Lifting mechanism

1.  Flexible side hanging lifting system

2.  Double brakes for lifting safety control

3.  Lifting and traveling limit switches

4.  Weight overload limit switch


1.  ABB/SEW Brand (with heater)

2.  High protection class IP55

3.  Continuous operation duration factor

4.  Built-in thermostat overheating protection, Optimization of air-cooled

5.  With manual release

Reducer (Gearbox)

1.  Hard tooth flanks make the reducer long service life

2.  SEW Brand

3.  High Reliability

4.  Half grease lubrication, Sealing good

Brake2 sets brake for lifting

1.  ZPMC brand Top one brand in China

2.  Dual independent brakes for each lifting mechanism

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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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