Crane Customized


Mobile Lifting Platform for Distributors in Mexico

Country: Mexico

Industry: Distributor

Addressing Customer Pain Points: In this project, Kinocranes effectively addressed crucial customer pain points, earning trust and reliability through:

  1. Meeting Customer Needs: Our product perfectly matched the client's requirements, ensuring it was an ideal fit for their operations.
  2. Competitive Pricing: We provided a cost-effective solution, aligning with the client's budgetary constraints.
  3. Swift Delivery: Kinocranes delivered on short notice, reducing downtime and meeting the client's urgent timeline.

These advantages assured the client they were partnering with a dependable ally to fulfill their project requirements.

Mobile Scissor Lift Platform

Project Overview: This project involved the supply of a 500KG auxiliary mobile scissor lifting platform with a lifting height of 12 meters. The platform operated on 127V, 60Hz, 1P voltage. Kinocranes not only provided the perfect solution for the client's needs but also offered it at a competitive price and ensured swift delivery.

This project exemplifies Kinocranes' dedication to providing tailored, cost-effective solutions with prompt delivery, earning trust and confidence from our valued clients.

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