Crane Customized


Aluminium Alloy Lifting Platform in the USA

Customer Background:

  • Country: United States
  • Industry: Trading Company
  • Specific Usage: Installation of lighting fixtures

Addressing Customer Pain Points: In this case, Kinocranes effectively addressed key customer pain points, earning trust and reliability through:

  1. Customization for Cargo Handling: Understanding that the customer needed the platform primarily for cargo handling and not for transporting people, Kinocranes actively engaged in discussions and negotiations to customize the platform to meet the client's specific needs. This collaborative effort required some time to ensure all details were communicated effectively.
  2. Detailed Product Information: Kinocranes provided comprehensive and detailed product information, which was highly appreciated by the client. The transparency and thoroughness in product specifications helped build trust.
  3. Swift Delivery: Despite the need for customization, Kinocranes managed to deliver the tailored platform to the client in approximately three days, showcasing our commitment to prompt service.

These advantages assured the client they were partnering with a reliable supplier that understood their unique requirements.

Aluminium Alloy Lifting Platform

Project Overview: This project involved the supply of a lifting platform with a 150kg load capacity and a lifting height of 4 meters. The platform featured a 1.1kW motor with a voltage of 110V and operated on a 60Hz, 1P electrical system. Kinocranes collaborated closely with the client to customize the platform for cargo handling, ensuring it aligned perfectly with their needs. Despite the customization, the platform was delivered to the client within just three days.

This project exemplifies Kinocranes' commitment to providing tailored solutions with comprehensive support, even for specialized requirements. It also demonstrates our efficiency in delivering customized solutions promptly.

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