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10 ton Overhead Crane Delivery To Serbia Customer

A Serbia customer purchased our 10 ton overhead crane. For Serbia market, Kinocranes has offered types of cranes and hoists to meet the requirements of various industries. In the following, the 10 ton eot crane for the Serbia manufacturing workshop is for your reference to get your custom designed overhead crane.

Serbia Client Profile

The client is a company of designing and manufacturing the industrial refrigeration system. This set of 10t overhead crane is for their new warehouse.

This 10t overhead crane is with 12m span and designed with FEM 1Am duty group. The crane lifting height is 6m and the lifting speed is 2.8m/min, cross travelling speed is 10m/min and the long travelling speed is 0~20m/min.

The client required the electric chain hoist instead of wire rope hoist to come with the crane. This is a non-standard case.

They shared two reasons as follows: 1. All the current hoists type in the plant is chain hoist type, they are very familiar to use the chain type hoist. 2. The cost of a European type electric wire rope hoist is much expensive than the electric chain hoist under the same capacity.

Crane Solutions From Kinocranes

After understanding the crane site working conditions, our technical team have designed the special 10t European standard overhead crane with electric chain hoist. The crane long travelling is with stepless control by inverter for a more soft start and smooth running.

About The Overhead Crane Packaging And Delivery

Due to its 12m span which is longer than the 40ft container. Our client agreed to cut the main beam into two segments for easier to load it into the cargo and lower freight. We have provided the strong stiffener and sufficient high strength bolts to match the two piece together while assembling at the site. Moreover, our Kinocranes crane kit is extremely easy to assemble and has Quick Connect Plugs to the motors and control panel to eliminate the hard wiring of crane. Now this equipment is on its way to Belgrade. After unload the cargo at the factory, our client could simply assemble and start to operate our equipment just by our user manual.


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Kinocranes supply various types of overhead crane for industrial applications, including electric hoist overhead crane, ladle crane, coker crane, etc. 

For each custom overhead crane requirement, Kinocranes is always determined to win the satisfactions of clients. If you need any overhead crane, please feel free to contact us or just leave a message below and we will reply you as soon as possible.



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