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How to Choose Suitable Gantry Crane

Gantry crane is a kind of bridge crane, It has one or two beams supported by freestanding legs and moves on wheels, a track, or rail system carrying a bridge, trolley, and hoist. Workshops, warehouses, freight yards, railroads, and shipyards use gantry cranes as their lifting solution as a variation of overhead or bridge cranes. It is mainly used for loading and unloading of bulk cargo in outdoor freight yard, stock yard and bulk cargo. Gantry crane has the characteristics of high site utilization rate, wide range of operation, wide adaptability and strong versatility.

Below are some most frequently used gantry cranes: portable gantry cranes/Rubber Tyre gantry crane/Rail mounted gantry crane. How to confirm and choose the most suitable design for your on-site use? Please check below clarify:

NO.1: Portable Gantry Crane

Portable Gantry Crane


  1. Mostly used indoor, or outdoor with flat concrete ground.
  2. Normally lift capacity under 15ton, span under 15m, lifting height under 10m.
  3. Suitable for limited space, flexible movement.
  4. The most stable structure is that the lifting height is less than the span, which can save material costs, and is easy to transport and safe to use.

Data Confirm:

1. Capacity:___ton?

2. Lifting height:___m? Need adjustment__m?

3. Span:___m? Need adjustment__m?

4. Working Voltage:__V__Hz?__phase?

Detail information:

1. If the customer does not clearly require electric operation or manual operation, we will choose electric operation for loads above 2 tons. In case height/span adjustable, the adjustment distance of the lifting height and span should generally not exceed 2m.

2. If the portable gantry crane is used outdoors, it is necessary to confirm with the customer whether it is necessary to add a self-powered system and a rain cover. In addition, also necessary to confirm with the customer what the outdoor ground is.

3. What is the application?- If the ground is gravel, we recommend the use of rubber wheels with a diameter of 500cm; If the ground is not smooth, we recommend the use of rubber wheels with a diameter of 250cm; If the ground is smooth, we recommend the use of ordinary polyurethane wheels. So which one should we design the wheel for? It would be nice to share some pictures of the work site.

NO.2 Rubber Tyre Moblie Gantry Crane

 Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane


  1. Load capacity over 15 ton
  2. No power source available
  3. Work duty>A3

Data Confirm:

  1. Need 2 Wheel Drive or 4 Wheel Drive?
  2. Need we supply power generator? Diesel/Battery/…
  3. Lifting material, any pictures?

NO.3 Rail Mounted Gantry Crane

Rail mounted gantry crane


  1. Mostly used in Outdoors.
  2. Span, lifting height is big, sometimes cantilever is needed.
  3. Long distance traveling and power supply. 

Data Confirm:

  1. Capacity__ton?
  2. Span__m? Cantilever in need? Left __m?  Right __m?
  3. Lifting height__m?
  4. Crane travelling__m?

These are the types of gantry cranes that are available at gantry crane manufacturers in China. You you can choose the gantry crane suitable for your work site according to the above description.

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