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How do i choose a hoist

There are four main type of hoists: manual hoist, electric hoist, pneumatic hoist and hydraulic hoist. As the electric hoist is the most widely applied in various industry. This article is going to help you on the main points need to know before buying electric hoist.

Firstly, to know your requirements

1. Place of use: This must be determined first. The electric hoist used in some special places will also be different. Is it indoor or outdoor? Is the city climate wet and rainy? Electric hoists with different protection levels can be selected according to different needs.

Is there enough space, that determines if you need an low headroom electric hoist? Does it contain flammable and explosive materials, and then do you need an anti-explosion electric hoist, etc.?

2. Lifting weight: What is the load weight. It is very important. For example, if you only lift one ton goods during normal operation, buying a two tons hoist is a waste of money; if you normally need to lift two tons of goods, buying a one ton electric hoist will not work, because the overload protection of the electric hoist will will stop the hoist operating if it exceeds its rated safe working load.

3. Lifting height: how high to lift, this involves the length of the sling, the higher the longer of the sling, and the shorter it then can be reduced.

4. Running trolley: To travelling from left to right cross the beam, a running trolley is required;

5. Lifting speed: single speed, double speed, or variable frequency control speed could be selected according to your actual working efficiency needs.

6. Voltage: single phase or three phase? 50hz or 60hz frequency? The voltage used in different countries will be different. Some countries even have a state where multiple voltages are used at the same time, so you must ensure what is the required voltage of the hoist.

Second, choose the type of electric hoist

There are two types of electric hoists: wire rope electric hoists and electric chain hoists. 

Wire rope electric hoist is an electric hoist with a wire rope as the sling type, which has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, high efficiency and easy operation.

Wire rope electric hoist type

The electric chain hoist is a type electric hoist with a welded circular chain as the sling. Compared with the wire rope electric hoist, the structure is lighter and the price is cheaper.

electric chain hoist type

In summary, the one that suits you is the best. Choosing an electric hoist is the same as choosing other items, as long as it meets your own needs on site. The user needs to select the electric hoist according to factors such as operating intensity and on site environment. Secondly, after the specifications and parameters of the electric hoist are selected, the user should also consider the strength, reputation and after sales service level of the manufacturer and agent. Safety is the first priority to be considered for crane products, and the price should not be the primary consideration.

Our Kinocranes electric hoists comply with FEM standards and DIN standards, and the latest waterproof grade has reached IP65. We have passed the national level test and obtained a formal professional certificate as well as the CE certificate.

It is absolutely guaranteed that every electric hoist sold has undergone strict quality inspection.

The anti-overload effect is intuitive. If it exceeds the rated load of the electric hoist, our electric hoist will not continue to work, so that it will always silently protect the safety of the user.

The brakes are sensitive, once the brakes are stopped, it will stop steadily without a slight slide!

It is super quiet during operation, the operating noise will not exceed 85db.

Specially for our electric chain hoist, there is also a self-correcting chain guide system! No matter how messy the chain is in use, our chain will automatically repair the chain, so that it is absolutely safe during use, and the chain will not be stuck!

Super warm pre-sale and after-sale service, we will give detailed technical instruction before sale, we have one-to-one customer file for life-long tracking of after-sale service, no matter what problems occur during use, we can solve them in time.

 FEM standards single girder hoist detail

If you are still confused about how to select a hoist, that’s all right. The fastest way is to ask one of our sales representative. Our professionals will recommend the most appropriate model for your site.



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