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Why Does The Crane Use 48V Control Voltage?


  • The control voltage of Chinese traditional cranes is generally 36V.
  • Kinocranes control voltage can be selected as 36V, 48V, 220V, we recommend 48V.
  • The difference between the two will cause the control voltage of the Kinocranes hoist and the customer's cart to be mismatched, and the crane cannot be used normally.


The advantages of 48V control voltage are as follows:

The power consumption of the control circuit transmission line itself will inevitably produce a voltage drop, which will cause the terminal voltage to be lower than the initial voltage, and a long-term under-voltage will cause electrical component failure.

In order to ensure that there is enough voltage at the end to control electrical components (such as contactor pull-in), methods such as increasing the input voltage or increasing the line section are usually adopted.

Increasing the cross-section of the wire will increase the cost accordingly. For this reason, the method commonly used in Europe is to increase the input voltage. However, in order to ensure personal safety, the control voltage is usually not higher than the safety voltage. The safety voltage of Chinese and international standards is 50V, so Europe usually chooses 48V as the control voltage.

 Kinocranes uses 48V as the standard configuration of the control voltage, which not only meets the requirements of national standards, but also increases the working stability of electrical components. This is our advantage.

Reference standard:

  • GB/T3811-2008 stipulates that “under normal working conditions, the voltage fluctuation of the power supply system at the feeder access point of the hoisting machinery shall not exceed ±10% of the rated value”.
  • GB/T 14405-2011 "General Overhead Crane" stipulates that "when the button box is used for control, the control voltage should not be greater than 50V".
  • IEC 60038 divides voltages less than 50V into 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V.

Tips: The control voltage of electrical components such as contactors is also divided into 24V, 36V, and 48V.

In the demand analysis stage, especially when encountering retrofit projects, you need to pay attention to the following points:

When the customer’s original control voltage is 36V, it is necessary to state the advantages of the 48V control voltage, and it is recommended to change it to 48V, adding a 48V transformer to the electric cabinet of the cart;

If it is changed to 48V, it needs to be specified in the contract to remind the electrical department of the special design.

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