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Underhung Overhead Crane

Overhead crane series

  • Capacity: 1 -20t
  • Max. Lift Height: 30m
  • Span: 7.5m-30 m
  • Working Duty: A5(FEM 2m)
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Insulation Grade: Class F
  • Power Source: 380V 50Hz 3Ph AC or Customized

Factory,workshop,warehouse,power station,logstic,etc.

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Underhung overhead crane is applicable in factories and where the height from the rail surface to the lower edge of the truss is equal to or shorter than 500mm. The trolley is equipped with a specific electric hoist which has features of flexible structure and reliable and safe operation. If clients have special requirements on the span, our company is able to carry out design.

underhung overhead crane

Technical Data

Capacity 1 t -20t
Span 7.5m-30 m
Work Duty FEM 2m
Max Lifting Height 30m
Speed Lifting 5/0.8 m/min Double Speed
Cross Travelling 2~20 m/min VFD Control
Long Travelling 3~30 m/min VFD Control
Control Method Pendent line control
Level of Protection IP55
Insulation Grade Class F
Power Source 380V 50Hz 3Ph AC or Customized


Main beam: The main beam adopts box-type structure and connects with end beams by high-strength bolt ensuring easy transportation. The professional processing equipment ensure the connection accuracy of main beam and end beam, making crane run steadily.

End beam: End beams are the rectangular steel pipe and welding molding in a CNC machine tool positioning processing; each end beam is equipped with a double wheel rim wheel group, buffer and anti-derailment protection device.

Hoist:   Ø  Maximum space using

             Ø  Precise operation

             Ø  Low maintenance cost

             Ø  Less fault downtime

             Ø  Minimum hook limit space & distance

             Ø  Standard world-renowned brands: SEW, ABM three in one type motor, Schneider electric parts

Drum, Steel wire rope, Rope guide:

             Ø   The drum is made from high-quality seamless pipes and processed by numeral control CNC machine, after finish machining, the rope groove on drum works coordinately with rope guide to efficiently prevent rope loose and tangling.

             Ø   Steel wire rope adopts high strength 2160N/mm2 imported wire rope, which has super safety performance and longer service life

             Ø   Standard rope guide is processed from engineering plastics, with strong abrasion resistance and good self-lubricating performance.


Kindly please provide the following information when sending enquiry to us.

Load capacity ( ) Tips:5 10 16 20 30t
Span ( ) Tips:7.5m-22.5m
Lift height ( )
voltage ( ) 380V 50Hz AC 3-phase or please note
Working Class ( ) A3-A5
Hours per day ( )
Control way ( ) Tips: remote control, cabin control or pendent control
Lifting Speed ( ) Tips: single speed or double speed

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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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