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Shipyard Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane Series

  • Capacity: 2X400t+400t
  • Lift height: 23~80m
  • Span: 36~230m
  • Work duty: M7~M8
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Working temperature: -20~40℃

The place of manufacturing of ship and dock.

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Shipyard gantry crane is a kind of great lifting capacity, large span, high lifting altitude, multi function, high efficiency of gantry crane, is special for the fragmented transport, end-to-end joint and turning operation of large ship hulls. With the development of large-scale shipbuilding, shipyard gantry crane for sale, shipyard gantry crane is the rapid growth of demand. Compared with the traditional portal crane, large shipyard gantry crane has the obvious advantage of the installation and transportation of hull sections. It spans the dock (berth), can provide on-site assembly service at the coverage plane in the dock, not only has the lifting, horizontal transport function, but also can implement hull air turnover, adjusting the fragment to the welding position of ship required.

Technical Data

Loading Capacity 2X400t+400t or customized
Lifting Height 23~80m or customized
Lifting Speed Main hook lifting: 0~1 m/min or customized
Aux.hook lifting: 0~5 m/min or customized
Cross Travel 0~8m/min or customized
Long Travel 0~25m/min or customized
Span 36~230m or customized
Lifting Mechanism Electric winch trolley(single trolley, upper trolley, lower trolley, double trolley, or customize)
Electrical Parts Brand SCHNEIDER, SIEMENS, CHNT, or customized
Motor Brand ABM. ABB, WEG, JMS, XINDALI, SIEMENS, or customized
Reducer Brand SEW, TAILONG, or customized
Brake Brand JINGU, ZPMC, or customized
Work Duty M7~M8
Power Supply AC-3Phase-220/230/380/400/415/440V-50/60Hz or customized
Control Method Wireless remote control, cabinet control
Application Area Shipyard, dock, power station, logistic, etc.
Color Red, blue, or customized
Working Temperature -20~40℃ or customized
Protection Class IP54 / IP55 / IP65
Safety Device Buffer, current overload protection, overload device, power failure protection, lifting height limit device, traveling limit device


1. Competitive price, optimal design, long lifetime design
2. More durable, stable, and reliable
3. Color, electrical parts, motor, reducer, brake, etc. support customization
4. Timely, effective and perfect technical guidance and after-sales service
5. It has multiple functions of single hanging, hoisting, turnover in the air, slight horizontal turnover in the air, and so on;
6. The gantry falls into two categories: single girder and double girder. To rationally utilize materials, the girder adopts optimum design of variable section;
7. The gantry rigid legs with a single column and double column type for customer choice.
8. Both the upper trolley and the lower trolley can cross each other for operation;
9. All the lifting mechanism and traveling mechanism adopts frequency conversion speed regulating;
10. On the top of the girder at the side of the rigid leg is equipped a jib crane to accomplish maintenance of upper and lower trolley;
11. In order to prevent the storm attack, such safe and reliable anti-wind devices as rail clamp and ground anchor are equipped.


Shipyard gantry crane is used in the place of manufacturing of ship and dock.

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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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