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Overhead Crane Price

With the rapid development of industrial manufacturing, overhead cranes have become essential equipment for many enterprises. As an efficient material handling solution, bridge cranes play a crucial role in production lines. However, for many businesses, choosing the right overhead travelling crane and understanding its pricing can be challenging. This article will explore the industry prices of bridge cranes and provide a price reference for single and double girder cranes.

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The price of an overhead crane can vary significantly based on factors such as the crane's capacity, type, specifications, and any additional features. Typically, overhead cranes can range from a few thousand dollars for smaller, low-capacity models to hundreds of thousands of dollars for large, high-capacity models used in heavy-duty applications.

Factors that can influence the price of an overhead crane include:

  1. Lifting capacity: The crane's maximum lifting capacity can affect the price, with larger, more powerful cranes typically costing more than smaller models.
  2. Span and height: The span (the distance between the rails) and the lifting height (the vertical distance the crane can lift) can also impact the price.
  3. Crane type: Overhead cranes are available in various types, such as single girder, double girder, top running, and under running cranes. Each type has different price points depending on their design and application.
  4. Hoist and trolley type: The type of hoist and trolley system used in the crane can impact the price. More advanced or specialized hoist systems will generally cost more.
  5. Controls and automation: Cranes with more advanced control systems or automation features will typically be more expensive than those with basic controls.
  6. Additional features: Options like anti-collision systems, remote control systems, or other safety features can add to the overall cost of the crane.
  7. Installation and maintenance: The cost of installation, regular maintenance, and any required training or certifications for operators can also contribute to the overall expense of owning and operating an overhead crane.

Single Girder Overhead Crane Price

Single girder overhead crane is a type of simple structure bridge crane, suitable for light and medium-duty work environments. Due to its simple structure and low manufacturing cost, the price of single girder overhead crane is relatively affordable. However, its load capacity is relatively low, generally within 20 tons.

Lifting CapacitySpanLifting HeightEstimated Price Range
Up to 5 tonsVariesVaries$10,000 - $25,000
5 - 10 tonsVariesVaries$25,000 - $50,000
10 - 20 tonsVariesVaries$50,000 - $100,000
20 - 50 tonsVariesVaries$100,000 - $200,000

Double Girder Overhead Crane Price

Double girder bridge crane has a relatively complex structure and is suitable for heavy-duty and super heavy-duty work environments. Due to its strong load capacity and stability, the price of double girder overhead crane is relatively high. The load capacity of double girder overhead crane is generally above 20 tons, and can even reach several hundred tons.

Lifting CapacitySpanLifting HeightEstimated Price Range
Up to 10 tonsVariesVaries$20,000 - $40,000
10 - 20 tonsVariesVaries$40,000 - $80,000
20 - 50 tonsVariesVaries$80,000 - $200,000
50 - 100 tonsVariesVaries$200,000 - $500,000
100 - 200 tonsVariesVaries$500,000 - $1,000,000+

These price ranges are for general guidance only, and it's important to remember that factors such as hoist and trolley system, span, lifting height, and additional features or options will significantly affect the price of a single beam overhead crane. Contacting Kinocranes crane manufacturer for a detailed quote based on your specific needs and requirements is always the best approach.



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