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Cranes play a vital role in the steel-making process, facilitating the movement of heavy materials and ensuring the smooth operation of the entire facility. From transporting raw materials to pouring liquid steel into molds, cranes are essential to steel production.

Magnet Crane For Steelmaking:

magnet crane, also known as an electromagnetic crane. The crane is equipped with a magnet that can be turned on or off, allowing it to pick up and release materials as needed., such as steel and iron. They are commonly found in recycling plants and scrap yards, where they are used to move metal scrap from one area to another.

Charge Crane For Steelmaking:

charge crane is typically used to load scrap or ore into the furnace. Charge cranes can be floor-mounted or overhead, depending on the size of the furnace. Floor-mounted cranes are installed in large shops with furnaces that have a capacity of 150 tons or more, while overhead cranes are used for medium-sized furnaces. Charge cranes are designed to handle heavy loads and are an essential part of the steel-making process.

Gantry Cranes For Steelmaking

Gantry cranes are also commonly used in steel-making, especially for outdoor applications. These cranes move on legs to support the bridge, trolley, and hoist, and are an excellent choice when an overhead system is not required or full beams cannot be installed. Gantry cranes come in many designs, including adjustable, portable, and rail-mounted, making them an extremely versatile choice for steel production facilities.

Ladle Cranes For Steelmaking

ladle cranes are a critical piece of equipment used in the steel-making process. These cranes are used to pour liquid iron into the feeding bay and carry liquid steel to the refining furnace. They are typically designed with either a double-girder/double-rail, four-girder/four-rail, or four-girder/six-rail structure, depending on the tonnage of the ladles being used.

In conclusion, cranes are essential to the steel-making process and play a vital role in the movement of heavy materials throughout the facility. From magnet cranes to charge cranes, gantry cranes, and ladle cranes, each type of crane serves a unique purpose in the production of steel. Understanding the different types of cranes used in steel-making is critical to maintaining a safe and efficient operation.

Kinocranes provides custom-designed cranes and lifting solutions for steel mills. With their experience and expertise, we can offer a range of crane types and configurations suitable for the harsh operating conditions typical of a steel mill. and Kinocranes places a strong emphasis on safety and reliability, designing and testing their equipment to meet or exceed applicable safety standards.

If anyone is looking for steel mill cases or needs to procure a reliable crane for their steel-making operation, Kinocranes will be a great option. It's always important to work with a trusted supplier who can provide the right equipment for the job and ensure that safety standards are met or exceeded.



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