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Excavator Magnet Installation Manual

The excavator electromagnet is a special device product developed, designed and produced according to customer needs. This product is currently at the leading level in China, and customers can choose a variety of operation methods:

The external power supply can be rectified by the control cabinet to supply power to the electromagnetic chuck (the specific voltage can be adjusted according to customer needs), or the diesel generator can be used to generate electricity continuously. The lifting electromagnet of the excavator is suitable for scraps, fine materials, etc. Most of the lifting electromagnet are used in the scrap steel industry!

The electromagnet installation of the excavator is very simple and convenient. The following are the excavator electromagnet installation steps and precautions provided by kinocranes.

  • Installation steps of excavator electromagnet
  • On the rotating platform at the tail of the excavator, weld an installation platform; the generator set and the electromagnet rectification control cabinet are installed on the platform; the suction/discharge switch in the rectification control cabinet is installed in the operating room;
  • Install the cable connector on the uppermost arm of the excavator, close to the end, and fix it with screws; remove the grab of the excavator; Install the lifting electromagnet at the position of the grab head of the excavator, put on the pin shaft, and put butter on the rotating position;
  • The generator 3-phase power cord is connected to the power terminal of the electromagnet rectification control cabinet;
  • 3 control wires are drawn from the electromagnet rectification control cabinet and connected to the suction/unloading switch in the excavating horizontal operation room;
  • Then lead two thick cables from the electromagnet rectification control cabinet to the cable connector of the excavator arm head;
  • At the upper end of the male seat of the cable connector, use a cable to connect to the lifting electromagnet;
  • After the above cables and wires are connected, confirm whether they are correct;
  • Fill the oil tank of the generator set with oil, or raise the oil pipe into the digging horizontal oil tank, and then start the generator to check whether the output power is normal. If there is no abnormality, you can turn on the power air in the electromagnet rectification control cabinet. Switch, press the suction/discharge switch in the operating room to carry out the electromagnet suction and discharge test, which completes the installation of the electromagnet for excavation.
  • Precautions for the installation of electromagnets for excavators
  • The rectification control cabinet of the electromagnet used in excavators and the generator set should be protected from rain; ·After the installation is completed, check whether the wiring is correct or not;
  • When the electromagnet is installed on the bucket arm of the excavator, grease must be added to the rotating joint to increase the effect of lubrication, and regularly check the wear;
  • Lifting electromagnets cannot be used to salvage iron parts in the water. If salvage in the water is required, a submersible electromagnet needs to be customized;
  • Check whether the output voltage of the electromagnet rectifier control cabinet is standard DC220V. If it exceeds the standard voltage, the electromagnet will generate heat and affect its service life. If it is lower than DC220V, the lifting electromagnet’s suction will decrease.



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