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Crane Wheels Delivery To Bulgaria Customer

A Bulgaria customer purchased our crane wheel block, The client is a in tube fabricating industry. These wheels are for their large tonnage overhead cranes for processing the tubes. The cranes are operated under very high temperature around 400℃, the crane rails has to be very rigid under that high temperature environment. Therefore, normal crane wheels with standard hardness will not last for long service time. That resulted in replacing the wheels very often which is a very high cost in maintenance.

Crane Wheel Block Solutions From Kinocranes

These Kinocranes special crane wheels are to reach HRC60 hardness at the wheel tread area. This procedure is very complicated with many times of quenching and tempering. The wheel material has also to be selected from a special material. Our final products are inspected by the third party appointed by our client. The client is very happy with the inspection result.

Our client know this production procedure very well. They used to fabricating these special wheels on their own. After this trial order of these batch of wheels and if they all running wheel on their equipment, the client will order monthly for the wheels from us.

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