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Reducer Gearbox Motor Delivery To Saudi Arabia Customer

A Saudi Arabia customer purchased our 1.1kw crane gearbox motor. The client is in the steel industry. This set of gear motor is going to replace their 10 years old overhead crane long travelling motor.

Crane Gear Motor Solutions From Kinocranes

The crane is pretty old and no nameplate could be found on the crane original motor. Our professionals based on our extensive industrial experience, after recommended the matched geared motor model for the crane, the client place the order with us.

The gear motor we introduced to our client is the module combination design with high transmission precision. It is especially suitable for working in occasions with frequent starting.  The gears are made of grease low carbon alloy steel carburizing and quenching gear grinding technology, so that the product has higher bearing capacity, more reliable operation, low noise and higher efficiency.

The client will replace the rest 10 sets of old crane motors soon as they feel our product is a very high classed one  and this way also saved their a lot of cost than ordering its original brand.

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