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What are the Different Types of Overhead Crane?

Choosing the type of overhead crane that suits your business is essential to efficiency, simplify work processes, and maximize benefits.

Overhead Cranes

If you have completed your research and determined that the overhead crane system can improve your facility’s production or material handling processes, then you may have begun to realize that there are different types of overhead cranes. Your head may be swimming trying to sort all the information that is available on overhead cranes, and you may ask yourself, “What type of overhead crane does I need for my business?”

The specifications and configurations of overhead cranes may vary greatly. No two crane design are exactly the same! A crane that work in a similar building structure, or similar lifting application, may not be the best crane for your facility or application. Therefore, choosing the right crane type for your business is essential to maximize efficiency, simplify work processes, and obtain the best benefits.

The types of overhead cranes have:



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