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Stacker Cranes

  • Lifting Capacity: 500kg~20ton
  • Lifting Height: 0-45m
  • Lifting Speed: 15-25m/min or Customized
  • Martial: Steel or Aluminium alloy
  • Control Mode: Manual, Semi-automatic and Automatic

Warehouses, Storage Facilities, Metal processing facilities, Shipping and logistics, Automotive manufacturing facilities

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Stacker cranes are important lifting and transportation equipment in high-rise warehouses. They are the hallmarks of high-rise warehouses. Their main function is to run in the aisles of high-rise warehouses, put goods located at the entrance of the aisle into the shelves, or take goods out of the shelves and transport them to the entrance of the aisle.

Stacker Cranes Type

Overhead Stacker Cranes

Overhead stacker cranes are a type of automatic stacking machine developed on the basis of bridge cranes combined with the characteristics of forklifts. A liftable fork is mounted on a rigid column that hangs down from the hoisting trolley. The column can rotate around the vertical centerline, so the aisle width between the shelves is smaller than that required for fork truck operations. This type of crane is supported on two side elevated tracks and can also transport long objects in addition to general unit loads. When the lifting capacity and span are small, it can also run on the track suspended under the roof truss, at which time its hoisting trolley can transition to another hanging stacker crane on the adjacent span. The column can be single-section or multi-section telescopic. The single-section column is simple in structure and lighter, but it cannot cross cargo stacks and other obstacles. It is mainly used in warehouses with shelves. The telescopic type generally has 2-4 sections of columns and can cross cargo stacks, so it can also be used for warehouses where unit loads are directly stacked into stacks without shelves.

Tunnel Stacker Cranes

Tunnel stacker cranes are specially used for high-rise warehouses. The height of the warehouse using this type of crane can reach about 45 meters. The crane runs in the aisle between the shelves. It is mainly used for transporting unit loads loaded on pallets or in boxes. It can also be opened to the corresponding cargo compartment, and the personnel on the machine can pick and pack the goods according to the requirements of the warehouse. The tunnel stacker crane consists of a lifting mechanism, a running mechanism, a platform driver’s cabin, and a frame. The lifting mechanism uses steel wire ropes or chains for lifting. The frame has one or two columns, and the platform rises and falls along the column. The fork on the platform can reach out to the cargo compartments on both sides of the aisle to store and retrieve items.


Iteam Overhead Stacker Crane Tunnel Stacker Crane
Applicable Warehouse Warehouses Height 0-12m and Span 0-20m Warehouses Height 45+ meters
Lifting Capacity 0.5-5 tons,customized 2-10 tons,customized
Lifting Speed 15-25 m/min, customized
15-25 m/min,customized
Running Speed 60-100 m/min, customized
Fork Extension Speed 5-15 m/min, customized
Aisle Width 15-20 cm wider than the width of the goods or the crane
Structure Single-section or telescopic
Control Method Ground or Cab


  • Simple structure and modular design
  • Simple control, flexible operation, and can flip 360 °;
  • The aisle space requirement is narrower than traditional forklifts.
  • Maximum stability at high positions.
  • Compatible with various lifting accessories, carriages, and forks.
  • High efficiency: Stacker cranes can greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse operations. They can quickly and easily load and unload goods, which can save time and labor costs.
  • High safety: Stacker cranes are designed with safety features to protect workers and goods. They are equipped with safety guards to prevent accidents.
  • Flexibility: Stacker cranes can be used in a variety of warehouses, regardless of the size or layout. They are also easy to operate and maintain.


The common application of stacker cranes is that they can be used for a wide range of industrial and commercial material handling operations. Typical applications include warehouses and storage facilities.

Stacker cranes are commonly used in warehouses and other storage facilities to move goods, materials, and equipment within and between locations. Compared to forklifts and conveyor systems, they have a wider range of uses because they are less limited by channel size.

Metal processing facilities. Metal processing operations typically involve the storage, transportation, and pouring of molten materials, and if appropriate equipment is not used, it may pose significant health and safety risks to employees. The stacker crane and other bridge crane systems are stable, durable, and reliable, making them an ideal solution for safe material handling.

Automotive manufacturing facilities. In automotive manufacturing facilities, stackers are used to lift, transport, and position automotive parts for various operations, including assembly and storage.

Shipping and logistics facilities. Automatic storage and retrieval systems are widely used in transportation and logistics facilities, especially in large or receiving/transporting large amounts of goods. Stacker cranes are typically key components of these systems.

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