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Battery Swap Station For Trucks

  • Design Life: >10 years
  • Battery Swap Time: ≤5 minutes
  • Operation Mode: 24-hour continuous operation
  •  Protection Level: IP4
  • Lifting Weight: 3.5 tons

Steel mills, ports, power plants, mines, construction materials, slag transport, and branch line transportation are suitable scenarios for electric heavy-duty trucks and battery-swapping heavy-duty trucks.

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Battery swapping stations are mainly composed of seven parts: battery-swapping robots, load-bearing beams and rails, visual positioning systems, vehicle identification systems, battery management systems, automated electrical systems, and human-machine interaction systems. They offer significant advantages in addressing user range anxiety, reducing vehicle manufacturing costs, extending battery life, and optimizing peak shaving and valley filling in the power grid.


Revolutionizing the electric heavy-duty truck industry, the five-minute battery swapping service offers a service experience comparable to refueling, ensuring optimal operational efficiency. The efficient separation and sale of vehicle and battery components result in a substantial reduction in purchasing costs, making it nearly equivalent to traditional fuel options.

Through cost reduction strategies, the system enables flexible battery swapping, accommodating various battery capacities based on operational needs. This not only reduces vehicle weight but also maximizes the effective utilization of battery assets. Centralized and secure battery management enhances battery life by 20%-25%, significantly increasing its overall value.

The approach also addresses urban land resource challenges by avoiding prolonged occupation of large areas for charging. This results in reduced backup vehicle inventory requirements and a stable, controllable charging method that is friendly to the grid. Altogether, this innovative solution aims to elevate efficiency, lower costs, and promote sustainable practices in the electric heavy-duty truck industry.


  • Fully automated and unmanned throughout the entire process, our 5-minute battery swapping ensures operational efficiency.
  • Contributing to peak shaving and valley filling strategies, our electric heavy-duty trucks can undergo approximately 60 battery swaps per day.
  • This initiative results in significant savings, equivalent to 3 million liters of diesel per year, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 7,900 tons.
  • Additionally, it substitutes for 10 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, aligning with our commitment to dual-carbon strategies.

Main parameters

No. Project Content
1 Design Life >10 years
2 Battery Swap Time ≤5 minutes
3 Swap Success Rate ≥99.5%
4 Operation Mode 24-hour continuous operation
5 Altitude ≤3000 meters
6 Operating Temperat ure -30℃~50℃
7 Relative Humidity ≤90%
8 Protection Level IP4
9 Lifting Weight 3.5 tons
10 Robot Type X, Y, 7-axis + Rotation

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Kinocranes is a professional crane manufacturer. We integrate crane research and development, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

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