Crane Customized


Preparations and Precautions Before Overhead Crane Installation

  1. Before installation, installation persons with the deputies from Installation Company and Manufacturer should open the box to check the number of components and spare parts that listed on the packing list and attached documents, to see if there is any shortage or damage.
  2. Accidents such as twist, bending or striking should be especially avoided while unloading or transporting. When lifting the crane, two lifting points are necessary and there must be underlay in the en-lacing point, and shellacking points are at both ends of the structures as soon as possible.
  3. Transportation of crane should adopt lengthened on truck or flat trailer. Dragging on ground or rollers is forbidden.
  4. If storing, place the crane flatly and stably on sleepers. The sleepers must be placed symmetrically and the ground must be roomy in order to prevent and transfiguration of the bridge.
  5. If storing for long time outdoor, waterproof measures should be taken. Necessary measures should be taken for transmission parts and electric equipment to avoid water, rust, erosion, bump and theft.
  6. Before the installation, the appearance of all machine parts and metal structures should be checked carefully for damage and observe the peeling of paint coating and the rusting of machine parts. According to results of the appearance check, compared with the technical requirements of the installation drawing and related technical documents, carefully study the installation program and installation procedures.
  7. The defects caused by the improper handling and unsuitable storage and the parts which exceed stipulation error should be adjusted in according with the technical requirements. If there is any transfiguration of the metal structure, it must be adjusted before installation. If there is any problem which is difficult for user to solve, it is important to contact with the manufacturer at once. Otherwise, even the manufacturer may feel difficult to solve if the problems happen after installation.
  8. Finally, clear the body stains, scrub the rust, remove the body if necessary, especially the rolling bearing, clean up and reassemble.



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