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Dual Brand Strategy: KNCRANES and KENANCRANES

Kino Cranes Pte. Ltd. Announces Dual Brand Strategy: KNCRANES and KENANCRANES Cater to Diverse Industry Needs.

Kino Cranes Pte. Ltd, a leading global crane manufacturer, today announced its new dual brand strategy. The company's two major brands, KNCRANES and KENANCRANES, will each focus on different market needs, providing more specialized and customized products and services.

KENANCRANES, a principal brand under Kino Cranes, will specialize in providing standardized design solutions. Known for its efficient, durable, and technologically advanced product line, KENANCRANES aims to offer reliable and cost-effective standard lifting equipment that caters to the everyday operational needs of various industries.

"Our KENANCRANES brand will continue to strive in providing innovative and practical standard lifting solutions," said the CEO of Henan Kino Cranes Co., Ltd. "We understand that customers require reliable and cost-effective products to keep their operations running smoothly, and this is precisely where the value of KENANCRANES lies."

On the other hand, KNCRANES will concentrate on special design lifting equipment, serving customers in need of customized solutions. Whether it is for special environmental needs or specific operations, KNCRANES can offer unique and innovative design solutions.

" KNCRANES aims to cater to clients with unique needs, providing them with tailor-made lifting equipment," the CEO also mentioned. "We have a wealth of experience and technical expertise to design and manufacture the most appropriate lifting equipment for any special scenario."

By implementing this dual brand strategy, Kino Cranes expects to better meet the needs of different customer groups, thereby further consolidating its leading position in the global lifting equipment industry.



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