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Principle Of Explosion-proof Crane

Explosion-proof crane is mainly used for key equipment for unloading, installation, debugging, docking. And other operations in places with explosive gas or explosive dust environment requirements. The crane has a complex structure, harsh operating environment and difficult maintenance. The braking device is a key component of the equipment and is reliable. Performance is directly related to the safety of hoisting operations.

Explosion-proof Principle Of Explosion-proof Crane

Explosion-proof crane is a complete set of electromechanical equipment. It usually composed of metal structures, explosion-proof electrical equipment, connections between explosion-proof electrical equipment, mechanical or hydraulic transmission devices, mechanisms and parts, and safety devices. Generally, the explosion-proof function of a single explosion-proof electrical equipment is mainly to prevent electrical sparks, static sparks and high temperatures of electrical enclosures. The explosion-proof crane has explosion-proof function in the process of transforming powerful electrical energy into mechanical energy to carry heavy objects. It not only prevents electric sparks, static sparks, and high temperature of electrical appliances. But also prevents impact friction sparks and high temperature on the surface of mechanical equipment.

The explosion-proof principle of explosion-proof cranes is to take corresponding measures to control the generation of sparks. That is, use corresponding explosion-proof technology to control and eliminate electric sparks and mechanical sparks. So that they cannot catch fire, explosive gas mixtures and environmental areas. Combustible dust and mechanical sparks are made of special non-sparking materials in parts that are prone to dangerous sparks to control the content of magnesium and titanium in the light alloy shell. So as to avoid collision and friction between relatively moving mechanical parts, thereby achieving explosion-proof , Known as mechanical explosion-proof technology.

Explosion-proof crane trolleys and carts as well as lifting motors, electrical control cabinets, main power switches, electromagnetic brake coils or hydraulic drive motors, etc..It usually use explosion-proof electrical equipment and cable wiring, junction boxes, junction boxes, power switches, control and emergency. Generally, electrical equipment with higher safety is used, such as a stop switch.

For non-intrinsically safe wiring on explosion-proof cranes. Rubber sheathed round cables and compression nut-type lead-in devices are usually used to prevent pulling out and reliable sealing. And no joints are allowed in the middle of the cable. If necessary, an explosion-proof junction box should be installed. Such as power circuit, control circuit, lighting circuit and audio signal circuit, etc.



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