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Portable Gantry Crane Pre-Quote Requirements and FAQs

Thank you for your trust and inquiry. Before providing a quote for the portable gantry crane, we would need the following information:

portable gantry crane inquiry

Span( S )=_____mm?, Height(H)_____mm? Lift Capacity____kg?
Crane Control: Electric/Manual ?
Electric: Voltage? If electric control, please provide the voltage (V), Hz, Phase.
Hoist Lifting Operation: Electric/Manual?
Span Adjustment: ? Min.____mm? Max.____mm?
Height Adjustment: Adjustment Range? Min.____mm? Max.____mm?
Adjustment Method: Manual Winch/Manual Worm Gear/Electric Worm Gear (Load Lifting)?
Outdoor Sandstone Wheels?
360-degree Rotation on the spot?

Through the information collected above, we can understand your specific requirements to provide accurate pricing and solutions tailored to your needs.

Portable Gantry Crane FAQs

1. Q: Should I choose an aluminum or steel crane?

A: Both types of metal offer their own benefits. Steel is stronger, but aluminum gantry crane is lighter and also more corrosion resistant, making it better suited for lighter and outdoor applications.

2. Q: Are your products certified?

A: Yes, we provide complete compliance statements and test certificates for all our cranes and lifting equipment, along with documentation on how to safely operate the equipment.

3. Q: What payment options do you offer?

A: We currently accept payment by credit or debit card; bank transfer (TT), and more.

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