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How To Prevent Crane Parts From Rust?

For the cranes parts of overhead crane, gantry crane or EOT crane that have been closed for a long time. Rust prevention is very necessary and important. But how should they can anti rust for a long time ? 

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The following measures are for your reference : 

■ When the crane equipment is shut down for maintenance, the surface of the entire crane equipment must be inspected. It is best to ensure that all parts of the whole crane are covered with a surface film.

■ During the crane inspection, if some film damage is found on the metal structure of the crane, the damaged area should be cleaned and painted with  anti-rust paint. When it rains or snows, the metal surface will not be corroded due to weather problems. The rain cover can also effectively prevent rain and snow from corrosion.

■ In the process of rust prevention, please do not neglect the activities of the crane, this is very important. For these spare parts of the crane, you can use -10 or -20 diesel brushing, which can not only remove materials that are prone to corrosion of the equipment, but also form an oil film on the metal surface to resist the effect of low temperature.

■ In addition to cleaning and diesel lubrication, a layer of lubricating oil can also be applied. Calcium-based grease or lithium-based grease is the best choice, because they have a very good role in maintaining the performance of all aspects of mechanical equipment, and when used again, these oils will be better removed.



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