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Overhead Crane Inspection Checklist

Overhead cranes are commonly used lifting equipment in industrial production. Their safe and reliable operation is directly related to production safety. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out regular inspections and maintenance of overhead cranes.

Kinocranes, with its expertise and experience, can provide customized crane solutions to meet all your needs. We provide a comprehensive overhead crane inspection checklist that covers all important components.

For detailed inspection methods, please refer to the inspection manual.

Checklist items include:

  • Steel structure inspection: Focus on checking the looseness, detachment, cracking of structural materials and welding, deformation of the bridge frame, and corrosion of structural parts.
  • Lifting mechanism inspection: Focus on checking the wear and damage of components such as motors, couplings, reducers, shafts, and bearings.
  • Running mechanism inspection: Focus on checking the wear and damage of components such as tracks, wheels, and brakes.
  • Control system inspection: Focus on checking the normal operation of electrical components, control and operating systems.
  • Electrical equipment inspection: Focus on checking the integrity of electrical wiring, electrical components, and grounding devices.
  • Lubrication situation inspection: Focus on checking the lubrication situation of each lubrication point, ensuring that the lubricating oil is sufficient and uniform.

The inspection cycle of overhead cranes is generally as follows:

  • Steel structure:Once or twice a year
  • Lifting mechanism:Once every six months
  • Running mechanism:Once a month
  • Control system:Once a month
  • Electrical equipment:Once a month
  • Lubrication situation:Once a week

The inspection manual contains detailed inspection methods for all components of overhead cranes, written by Kinocranes professionals. It is comprehensive and accurate, and can provide users with detailed inspection methods.

It is recommended that users refer to the inspection manual when inspecting overhead cranes to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the inspection.

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