Crane Customized


Notice For Using The Cranes

1. Safety regulations

1.1 Safety technical rules that must be followed when using the crane.

1.1.1 Operate crane by professional worker.

1.1.2 The name plate shall be on one side of crane that contains, SWL, span, working duty, manufacturer.

1.1.3 When the crane is working, no people standing on crane except in cabin.

1.1.4 Cut off power when check or maintaining.

1.1.5 When hook is no load, it shall be at least 2.5m or more above the ground.

1.1.6 Loads are not allowed to cross head of people.

1.1.7 The lowest point of load shall be 0.5m higher than the highest point of obstacles.

1.1.8 People transportation on hook is not allowed.

1.1.9 No tossing from crane.

1.1.10 Tools, spare parts, fasteners, sundries should be in special cases, they are not allowed to be placed on crane, to avoid dropping object hurts or damages equipment.

1.1.11 When lifting expensive load or noxious liquid, no matter how heavy it is, only after check reliability on the position that above ground 150-200mm, can the crane keep lifting.

1.1.12 Combustibles are not allowed to be positioned on crane, fire prevention should be considered.

1.1.13 Wind-force is more than class 6, stop using crane outdoor.

1.1.14 When outdoor use crane is out work, and wind-force is more than class 6, use rail clamp to fix crane to avoid accident.

1.1.15 Give crane periodic inspection that includes dynamic and static load test, and results should be achieved.

1.2 Electrical components examine and repair regulations.

1.2.1 Electrical maintenance work shall be conducted only by qualified worker.

1.2.2 Use voltage no more than 36V portable searchlight when doing maintenance.

1.2.3 If working needs power is on, rubber gloves and boots must be worn, use tools with insulated handles. Specially-assigned person that monitoring switch must cut power if emergency happens. All area that are near to conductor parts should be enclosed.

2. Duty of drivers

2.1 Familiar with purpose, components, operation and maintenance of crane.

2.2 Strictly follow safety regulations.

2.3 Before operation should do:

2.3.1 Know power supply, do not start crane when voltage is no more than 90% of rated voltage.

2.3..2 Check crane when the main power is cut off and check main connection parts, do adjustment if necessary.

2.3.3 Check if there are tools or other things left on crane, to avoid dropping hurts works or damages equipment when crane is working.

2.3.4 Give lubrication to every points according to regulation.

2.3.5 For crane working outdoor, make sure the wind-proof when it is out of work.

2.3.6 Driver reset all controller switch to 0 position, close doors before power is on. There is not allowed anyone standing on bridge or rail when crane is working.

2.3.7 Give alarm every time before crane start.(electrical bell).

2.3.8 Lifted load shall not more than rated load.

2.3.9 Driver should cooperate with worker on ground closely, keep step with closely. Handle loads on ground; driver should just follow workers who handle loads on hook. But no matter who gives the signal of stop driver should stop immediately.

2.3.10 Lift load in its vertical condition, prohibit use crane and trolley to drag load.

2.3.11 Crane and trolley should use the lowest speed when they are near edge area, gradually closer to limit position under the condition that they not dash collision-proof frame.

2.3.12 Crane controllers shall be on one gear by one gear, when mechanism is not totally stopped, push controllers from veer location to reverse position for braking crane is not allowed. But in case of accident, this can be used for emergency method, and only after check there is no damage for all mechanism shall the crane continue work after controller is on reverse position first gear.

2.3.13 Driver shall make sure to avoid cranes dash against each other. The only circumstance that allows one crane to push another one is that the former crane is breakdown, and when one crane push another, both of them shall have no load and use the lowest speed.

2.3.14 Cut main power and put all controllers to 0 positions if voltage drops violently or power is cut off.

2.3.15 Put all controllers to 0 positions and cut main power immediately if crane motors suddenly power off or voltage drop violently. Driver shall warn the worker by signal.

2.3.16 Workers are not allowed to leave the cabin if there are still loads on hook.

2.3.17 Lift hook to higher position and put controller to the 0 position, cut off main power.

2.3.18 Cut off main power and cut off e-lock after work.

2.3.19 After shifts, clean crane and check it again, prepare for next shift.

2.3.20 When shifting work, worker on duty should hand over record book to the next worker, and tell him or department concerned if any problem found in his duty.

2.3.21 Crane should be stopped at designated position and be fixed when driver eave crane.



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